Stoeger M2000 Problems that New Buyers Should Know About

Stoeger M2000’s inertia-operated mechanism is simple to disassemble and clean, and it performs well with most loads. However, there are several Stoeger M2000 issues that you should be aware of before making rash selections.

The most prevalent complaints about Stoeger M2000 are firing issues, jamming, failure to eject, and feeding issues.

This article will explain the probable causes and solutions to these problems. So, let’s get started.

Features & Specifications of Stoeger M2000:

Typesemi-automatic,  inertia operated shotgun
Gauge12; 3″ / 76mm chamber
Product length51.25″
Capacity4 rounds in under barrel tube magazine
Weight6.7 lbs. to 7.2lbs.
Barrel length18.5″ to 30″
Stoeger M2000 Problems
Stoeger M2000

Common Stoeger M2000 Problems and Solutions

Firing IssueReplace the firing pin.
Fail To EjectPlace the magazine correctly.
Failure to FeedRemove the magazine from the gun and empty the chamber and clean your gun.
Jamming IssueClean the after each use and oil it according to the manufacturer’s directions.

1. Firing Problem

Many users report that the firing issue occurs randomly while using the gun. When users attempt to fire the gun, it cycles normally but then begins to have a firing issue out of nowhere.

However, the firing pin is the main source that creates such an issue. Moreover, users cannot forget about the hammer spring which may also cause the firing or shooting issue.

The Fix

The firing pin might cause the start to wear out. Furthermore, even minor wear on the pin will cause the primer to fail to ignite. Check to see if the firing pin is stuck or bent and if so, replace it.

As previously stated, the hammer spring is another reason why users may experience firing problems. Check the hammer spring because it might lose tension over time and create less snap. This step should assist users in resolving the issue.

The next step is to clean the bolt. The bolt may occasionally cause issues with your M2000. Therefore, remove the barrel and clean the receiver and end of the barrel. Check for any junk buildup that may be preventing the bolt from resting all the way forward.

2. Fail to Eject

Failure to eject is such a common problem with most guns. When your M2000 grows unclean or the chamber becomes rusted, you may experience ejection problems in the future.

Users must remember that a dirty gun or corroded chamber can cause a lack of a solid grip on the shooter’s part. If this occurs with your M2000, you will need to use the “Tap Rack Bang” or TRP drill.

The Fix

To begin, tap the magazine to confirm that it is completely placed. Remember to slightly rotate the pistol so that the ejection port is positioned at an angle to the ground, then rack the slide securely. This should eject the expended cartridge and allow a new cartridge to enter the chamber.

Pulling the trigger while the pistol is safely aimed downrange causes the “bang”. 

This type of defect is sometimes known as a “stovepipe.” This happens since the spent cartridge is frequently caught in the ejection port and sticks straight up in the air.

Additionally, in most cases, replacing the trigger group with a functioning gun cures the problem since the trigger group frequently causes ejection issues.

3. Failure to Feed

Users of the M2000 may start experiencing feeding problems. Failure to feed simply implies that the cartridge does not engage completely within the chamber. Failure to feed problems can occur with semi-automatic guns for many reasons. 

The issue is usually caused by a magazine. The problem could be caused by damaged magazines or weak magazine springs. Additionally, if the magazines are not properly positioned, a feeding problem will undoubtedly emerge.

The Fix

If you encounter this problem, remove the magazine from the gun and empty the chamber. You’ll most likely need to clean your gun before reloading and trying again.

You, as a user, must remember that debris or lubricant collection in or around the chamber, as well as broken or malfunctioning cartridges, might cause feeding problems.

Thus, if you have another failure to feed and have established that the gun has been completely cleaned and lubricated, there is another possible cause.

Such a condition is known as “riding the slide.” This refers to the shooter being in the way of the slide as it rides forward, so interfering with the recoil spring’s ability to seat the cartridge. Being aware of such a situation may aid in the elimination of feeding failures.

4. Jamming Problem

The jamming issue is a regular issue that a user may always face with the M2000. When a jamming problem occurs, the shell carrier does not function properly. Failing to clean and lubricate the gun properly can cause it to jam.

Buildup on the feed ramp can sometimes cause a cartridge to stick and not load properly. Alternatively, if the gun’s moving parts are not correctly oiled, there may be enough friction to cause them to clog.

The Fix

To keep your gun from jamming, clean it after each use and oil it according to the manufacturer’s directions.

Moreover, failure to use high-quality ammunition increases the risk of stoppages. The ammunition will not create enough pressure to finish the operating cycle.  Thus, correct ammunition maintenance and storage will reduce the risk of a stoppage caused by a defective round.

A jamming problem might also be present because of an equipment failure. If the magazine spring is worn out, it may not force the cartridge up high enough to line with the feed ramp for the chamber. Thus, adjust the magazine spring.

Even if each spring on a gun serves a separate role, a worn-out spring can cause a gun to jam.

User Feedback on Stoeger M2000

The Stoeger M2000 customer evaluations appear to be mixed, with the majority of them being unfavorable because of gun issues.

Most of the time, consumers have ejection and jamming issues, and the hints of the problems leave them puzzled.

Moreover, users also face extraction issues that can cause due to low quality or defective magazines, weak magazine springs, or shooters that do not keep a firm grip on the gun or ride the slide forward as it travels.

Thus, asking the shooting coach to gauge the grip and body position during a shooting session may fix the issue.

However, the inertia-operated mechanism makes the M2000 very easy to disassemble and clean, and it gives good reliability with most loads. According to several users, it is also an extremely practical and reliable gun.

Users can read this review on Stoeger M2000 to know more about the gun.

Top 3 Alternative Guns of Stoeger M2000

I have discovered the three finest alternatives to the Stoeger M2000 by analyzing specifications, features, practicality, and performance.

Stoeger M3000

The Stoeger M3000 is an excellently balanced semi-automatic shotgun with excellent control and handling qualities. To break in, the gun can easily take 100 to 200 rounds. It’s ideal for turkey, pheasant, and waterfowl hunts.

Benelli M2

The Benelli M2 is an excellent choice for home defense, security, or multi-gun competition. This Inertia-Driven System shotgun is clean, dependable, and requires no adjustments.

Benelli M4

The US military has battle-proven the reliability of the Benelli M4 Tactical Shotgun all over the world. Moreover, the gun comes with a pistol-grip synthetic butt stock that can endure any environment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does Stoeger M2000 cost?

The Stoeger M2000 costs around $370 or less.

What can be the used price for the Stoeger M2000?

It can cost around $243.

When did Stoeger start producing M2000?

The Stoeger M2000 began manufacturing in 2001.


Whether you are a newbie or a skilled user, you will almost certainly encounter one or more of the frequent M2000 problems during your shooting journey.

That is why I have discussed the possible causes behind the Stoeger M2000 issues and solutions as thoroughly as possible.

Before you go to the practice, make sure you know how to safely diagnose, troubleshoot, and clear any of the above-mentioned issues.

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