4 Stoeger Coach Gun Many Users Would Have to Consider

The Stoeger Coach is a double-barreled gun that is both attractive and reasonably priced. However, you must be mindful of several Stoeger Couch gun issues before making quick decisions.

The most common Stoeger Couch gun issues are failure to fire, extractor issues, broken lugs, etc.

The reasons and solutions to these problems will be covered in this article. So, let us move on to the specific details.

Features & Specifications of Stoeger Couch Gun:

Caliber: 20 Gauge
Capacity: 2
Barrel Length: 20”
Overall Length:36.5”
Chamber Length: 3”
Length of Pull: 14- ½”
Finish: Black-Finished Hardwood, Polished Nickel
Weight: 6.8 lbs.
Sights: Brass Bead
Stoeger Couch Gun Problems
Stoeger Couch Gun

Common Stoeger Couch Gun Problems and Solutions

Failure to fireApply stainless steel pins
Extractor issuesPush the extractor with a wooden dowel to move it
Broken lugsmake sure the lugs and the mating receiver portion close smoothly by giving them a critical inspection
Issues with handling cold weatherApply CLP treatments.

1. Failure to Fire

Many users reported that they often face issues with the right barrel while using the gun. The issue mostly appears in the Stoeger Couch after the first round.

The gun shoots both barrels when two rounds are loaded, but it will only fire the left barrel the following time. Users need to re-cock to fire, but it can repeat at the following stage. As a result, the gun does not fire the right barrel frequently.

The Fix

You must initially perform simple repairs, such as inspecting the gun’s firing pin, before undertaking more difficult operations with Stoeger Couch.

The Stoeger Couch gun’s firing pins on the barrel are flimsy and known for rapid expansion. The firing pin strike is delayed by it that can fail to fire on the right or left barrel.

The stainless steel pins that need to be applied are available from Longhunter. A spanner wrench is necessary to replace the firing pins. 

Furthermore, the primer strike is weak on the second barrel and heavier on one side. Consult with a gunsmith to check it.

2. Extractor Issues

Many users complain that their Stoeger Couch gun has an extractor issue while dry firing. The extractor will not even attempt to expand. The shells become jammed in the chamber as a result.

The issue still exists despite attempting to shoot some CLP down into the extractor tube and move it back and forth.

The Fix

Examining the extractor to see whether it is too tight is important. An extractor that was tightened would hardly move on its own. Thus, it needs to be pushed with a wooden dowel to move the extractor.

You should try your best to smooth out the channel and extractor shaft so that it can move much more smoothly.

However, the chambers may be tight, so the snap caps will not even fully seat unless they are forced in.

Therefore, in such circumstances, you must correctly inspect the region and smooth the areas where the brass will be using a Dremel, a fine-tipped red polishing compound.

3. Broken Lugs

With Stoeger Couch guns, breaking the lugs is a problem that happens much too frequently. After the 12 rounds during a break-in at the trap range damaged the shotgun, it shatters the barrel lugs.

According to user complaints, the lugs’ tip breaks off when it is stuck in the matching receiver due to poor manufacturing.

The Fix

To prevent the issue, you need to make sure the lugs and the mating receiver portion close smoothly.

You can use an ARC welder to expertly weld a nut on it after soldering it back on, which will stop the problem from happening again with your Stoeger Couch gun.

The best way to proceed is to weld the threaded component to the base using skillful hands. If not, the welding might not be suitable.

Additionally, use some heat sink material around the base/barrel junction to safeguard the brazed joint between the lugs and the barrel. You will discover how intense the internals are if you explore inside. 

Therefore, inspect the inside Stoeger Couch gun before handling the situation. Make sure the barrel lugs are smooth and not binding; otherwise, you or your smith will risk breaking the lugs.

4. Issues with Handling Cold Weather

The Stoeger Coach’s difficulties with cold weather right out of the box are the major complaint from customers. This gun’s ammo might be damaged by frigid cold weather.

The main issue with cold weather is the sharp temperature difference from inside a heated space to outdoors into the arctic air. Over time, the lubricants in the Stoeger Coach become stiffened. The gun may rust or freeze if it is exposed to cold air.

The Fixes

Giving it a brief CLP treatment is the simplest method to handle cold weather. The handgun must be lightly lubricated when being carried outside in cold weather.

The best way to prevent corrosion is with heavy grease, but this should only be used in storage, not in everyday use.

Even if the condensation is simple to wipe off, checking the gun after each carry session is essential.

Also, pay attention to the gun’s concealed parts, such as the firing pin channel and tiny, uncoated metal springs.

Keep your Stoeger Coach’s ammo in its original packaging. The gun’s cartridges should be kept at room temperature.

User Feedback on Stoeger Coach

The reviews of the Stoeger Couch gun from customers seem to be mixed, with most of them being critical of the gun’s shortcomings.

My research indicates that among users of Stoeger Couch, misfire difficulties are a big problem. The lever spring is typically to blame for misfired barrels, barrels that shoot one at a time while the other does not, and barrels that crack open when fired.

However, I have already covered how consumers may quickly resolve misfire problems.

Users should thoroughly clean the firing pin, grease it moderately, and screw it. It will make using the Stoeger Coach gun more convenient and compact.

Many customers have complete trust in their Couch, even though many users encounter various troubles.

They claim that the Couch is a trustworthy and potent double-barreled shotgun.

New customers may read a comprehensive review https://blog.k-var.com/reviews/review-stoeger-coach-gun-side-by-side-home-defense/ to learn more about the Stoeger Couch.

Top 3 Alternative Guns of Stoeger Couch

I’ve identified the three top substitutes for the Stoeger Couch gun by examining its features, reliability, practicality, and specs.

Remington 11-87

The ideal shotgun for a beginning hunter is the Remington 11-87. This adaptable shotgun is renowned for being excellent for small- to medium-sized game hunting, personal protection, and casual clay pigeon shooting.

Stoeger Uplander

The side-by-side shotgun with the best deal is the Stoeger Uplander. It’s the only double-barreled hunting shotgun available for less than $500.

Remington 870

The Remington 870 is a legendary firearm. It combines some of the greatest qualities you may look for in a firearm, including power, dependability, length, and affordability.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Do Stoeger Coach Guns have chokes?

The upgraded cylinder, redesigned choke tubes, and modified wrench are included with the 12- and 20-gauge Coach Gun Supremes.

Where is Stoeger side-by-side shotguns made?

Veranópolis, Brazil.

What is the price of Stoeger 20-gauge Couch?


What is the oldest gun company in America?

Remington Arms

Is Stoeger made by Benelli?

Benelli USA’s fully owned subsidiary where Stoeger was founded.


Whether you are a newcomer or an expert shooter, you can run into Stoeger Couch gun problems along the way.

Because of this, I have covered the potential causes and solutions to the Stoeger Couch gun issues in as much detail as I could.

Make sure you know how to correctly identify, address, and fix any of the aforementioned problems before visiting the shooting range. 

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