5 Typical Issues with Ruger SR45 Gun

The revolutionary Ruger SR45 gun is unmatched because of its beautiful design and outstanding mechanism. It is simple, easy to clean and outstanding.

However, many consumers have had problems with it. The most of the issues with the Ruger SR45 gun are failure to go into the battery, stove piping, light striking issues, and failure to feed.

The possible reasons behind the issues and the most probable fixes will be discussed in this article. Stay tuned till the end!

Features & Specifications of Ruger SR45

Action  semi-automatic
Caliber45 ACP
GripGlass-filled nylon
Product weight30.15 ounces (empty).
Product length8″
Cylinder MaterialBrushed stainless
Barrel length4.5″
Common Ruger SR45 Problems and Solutions
Ruger SR45

Most Common Problems of the Ruger SR45 and The Solutions 

Take a glance at the table below for an overview before we get begun.

Failure to Go into the batteryAllowing the slide to advance gently while maintaining careful control
Stove PipingSweeping the palm across the top of the slide to remove the spent case
Light StrikingAssuring that there are no firing residues in the barrel’s chamber
Slide Locking IssuesGrabbing the slide with the thumb as well as all four fingers while directing the thumb toward the user’s chest
Failure to FeedKeeping free up the magazine spring tension

Failure To Go Into Battery

Every 20–25 rounds, the Ruger SR45 pistol frequently fails to enter the battery and leaves at least one live round on the feed ramp. This may happen after about 500 rounds.

Possible Reasons

Particularly American Eagle FMJ, Winchester WB, and Speer Lawman TMJ ammunition pose serious problems for the firearm.

There is a glossy, square wear mark on the rear of the slide to the right of the loaded chamber indication. Here, the split top of the barrel makes contact with the slide’s back wall causing the problem.

The Fix

Allow the slide to advance gently while maintaining careful control. The slide should be able to be stopped just before locking up if the pistol is snug and correctly fitted.

The slide should lock firmly if you rack it before releasing it to move forward to go into full battery.

Stove Piping

Stove piping problems and the spent case protruding from the pistol with the Ruger SR45 have been reported by several customers.

Possible Reasons

The spent casing gets trapped by the handgun slide as a result of this failure to eject fault, rendering the gun inoperable.

Numerous problems, including a faulty magazine, subpar ammunition, a filthy pistol, or a broken recoil spring, might result in stovepipes.

The Fix

Try to avoid racking the slide if you want to keep your Ruger SR45 from having this exact problem.

Sweep your palm across the top of the slide to remove the spent case while keeping an eye on the pistol’s muzzle.

Be aware that this might cause finish wear on your pistol.

Once the stovepipe has been cleaned, check that the gun slide is in the battery by tapping the rear of the slide, then shoot the handgun as usual.

Light Striking Issues

Misfires and hang fires are related to light strike issues. Although they might not always happen or with all types of ammunition, the incidence is higher.

Possible Reasons

The issues usually arise after 300-350 rounds with this gun.

The problem arises if there is any firing residue in the barrel’s chamber or on the breech face, particularly beneath the extractor’s hook.

Uncleaned springs and striker cross pins might be the cause of your Ruger SR45’s light strike problems.

The Fix

Make sure that there are no firing residues in the barrel’s chamber or on the breech face, particularly beneath the extractor’s hook.

Take the striker out of the slide and clean the area where it operates to make sure it can travel freely throughout its range of motion.

Apply lubricant to any surface that is causing friction, as shown by wear patterns.

Apply a high-quality lubricant before reassembly and make sure it’s there by pressing and seeing it.

Slide Lock Issues

Numerous complaints are made by users of Ruger SR45 guns concerning the slide failing to lock after a round has been fired.

The issue is most prevalently related to recoil difficulty.

Possible Reasons

Particularly during recoil, a user’s hand may come into touch with the slide stop and keep it down, preventing the slide from locking back.

The slide stop can have been fitted wrongly if the gun has been detailed stripped or if it has had its slide stop replaced.

One of the magazine springs may be weak that causing the issue.

The Fix

To exert tension on the sliding stop spring, a force must be applied to the bottom of the slide-locking block pin.

You should grab the slide with your thumb as well as all four fingers while directing your thumb toward your chest.

The slide should then be forcibly pulled back and released. Upgrade the weakened magazine spring.

Failure to Feed

A cartridge jam causes a sudden halt to the cycle of actions.

Possible Reasons

A multitude of factors, including the magazine, the extractor, the feed ramp, and the cartridge itself, are possible reasons for the feeding failures with the Ruger SR45 gun.

The most likely reason for the nose-up feed failure, is a defective magazine.

Typically, this happens when the magazine spring pressure is so high that the cartridge jumps out of the feed mouth.

When the feed mouth is harmed or deformed to the point where they are unable to hold the cartridge in the correct alignment for a direct shot into the chamber, it leads to feeding failure.

The Fix

Clean the extractor, magazine, and feed ramp properly. Relieve the extra tension on magazine spring.

Send your gun to a gunsmith who can examine the exact reasons behind the issue and fix them properly.

Users’ Feedback on Ruger SR45

The Ruger SR45 pistol has received both favorable and unfavorable customer reviews.

Complaints about issues with a Ruger SR45 gun that magazine release breaks, as reported by a member of The Firearms Forum.

When a separate user of the Ruger SR45 on The Firing Line forum complains about issues with the failure to fire.

Since a user on the RUGER FORUM.NET praises the Ruger SR45 gun’s accuracy, like so many others, there is some goodness to this gun. Which is worth it in my opinion.

Top 2 Alternatives for Ruger SR45

Ruger American

The Ruger American pistol feels better and has a better trigger and better fit options than the Ruger SR gun. The price of the Ruger American pistol is around $669.00.

M&P 45

The M&P pistol has a much better hand feeling and it is more reliable with a fantastic trigger than the Ruger SR45. The price of M&P 45 is $399.99.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Has Ruger ceased producing the SR45?

Twelve years after its debut, Ruger stopped making the SR-Series of pistols in 2017.

What does SR stand for Ruger?

SR means Sturm, Ruger.

What is the price of Ruger SR45?


How much ammunition can a Ruger SR45 hold?

The 9mm Parabellum (SR9, SR9c, and 9E), 40 S&W (SR40 & SR40c), and 45 Auto (SR45) rounds are all compatible with the RUGER SR-SERIES pistols.

Which caliber is ideal for self-defense?

Capacity. In comparison to almost every other handgun caliber carried for personal defense, the 9mm offers a larger magazine capacity.


The Ruger SR45 is extremely durable in construction, which includes no loose components and a very solid slide. It takes roughly 300 rounds to break in.

Customers choose the SR45 because of its capacity and because it is very reasonably priced. You’ll also appreciate the loaded chamber indication, which doesn’t use any peep-hole technology.

In my opinion, you should definitely go for this gun!

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