5 Ruger 57 Problems You Should be Aware of

You undoubtedly have the Ruger 57 in mind if you’re searching for a comfortable, and accurate handgun. Although it is a good piece of work, there is a strong probability that you may run across some standard issues.

The Ruger 57 problems include stovepiping, malfunctioning safety lever, trigger issue, failure to feed, magazine dropping, etc.

To save you time searching the internet, I’ve compiled a list of the most prevalent issues with this rifle from customer complaints on various internet discussion forums in this post.

Features & Specifications of Ruger 57 Gun:

Length8.65 inches
Barrel length4.94 inches
Front sightFiber optic
Capacity20+1 rounds
FinishBlack nitride
Grip frameHigh-Performance, Glass-Filled Nylon
Common RUGER 57 Problems

Common Ruger 57 Problems and Solutions

Quick Overview of the Problems and Solutions

StovepipingOnce loaded bump the bottom of the clip/ change magazine
Malfunctioning safety leverReturn to Ruger
Trigger issueReplace trigger pivot pin/ Send to Ruger
Failure to feedSwitch to a different magazine
Magazine droppingadjust the hole on the bad mag till it fully catches

1. Stovepiping

Stovepiping is an inconvenience that you could have with the Ruger 57. This happens when a bullet shell becomes perpendicularly caught in the slide. The problem, however, has an easy remedy.

Possible Reasons:

Stovepipes can be produced by a defective or faulty extractor or ejector.

When the shooter does not grasp the firearm firmly enough for the action to work completely. This situation is known as limp wristing.

This problem can also be caused by reloads that are not powerful enough to effectively cycle the action.

The Fix:

Once you have loaded the magazine, bump the bottom to make sure all the bullets get set up properly.

In Ruger 57, this issue mostly happens due to the bullets not properly set in. So, a little bump before shooting will put all the bullets in place.

You might also experience this problem if the magazine is faulty. So, switching the mag should resolve the issue.

2. Malfunctioning Safety Lever

The problem was that Ruger found the safety lever on some of the pieces was prone to cracking.

The safety lever stops your weapon from shooting unintentionally. In essence, it enables the firing pin striker to align with the firing pin as the hammer advances.

So, you should check the safety lever ASAP as it can cause an accident if remained unchecked.

The Fix:

As part of its commitment to safety, Ruger is requesting that owners of Ruger-57 pistols regularly check the safety lever’s functionality to verify it is functioning properly.

There is no need for additional action if the function check finds that the safety lever is working properly.

Sign up on this page if the safety lever on your handgun isn’t working correctly, and Ruger will handle the rest.

3. Trigger Issue

Trigger issues on Ruger 57 are not that common. But you should be aware of this issue, just in case.

Possible Reasons:

It can be caused by the malfunctioning safety lever problem. If there are other reasons behind it then it could be an internal component failure.

Especially, if pulling the trigger does not drop the hammer then there should be a problem with inner works. Most of the time is could be a spring failure, or component breakage.

It is mostly caused by the displaced trigger pivot pin.

The Fix:

There are two options in your hand. If you don’t want to send the gun to Ruger and wait until they send it back.

You should try changing the trigger pivot pin. Sometimes, this pin gets displaced and it renders the trigger disabled.

The other option is to send the gun to the Ruger. They will repair the gun as needed and send you back as soon as it is done.

4. Failure to Feed

Failure to feed, or FTF, is a common problem with this gun. Many irritated customers are venting on the internet about this problem.

Possible Reasons:

There is also a consistent pattern in which the majority of FTFs with the last few rounds when shooting with the stock magazine.

Feed failures are almost always the result of faulty magazines, feed ramps, or recoil springs. The same thing can happen with the Ruger 57.

The extractor may also contribute to a feeding problem. If the extractor is bent even slightly, it can produce too much or too little tension, causing feeding to be difficult.

Even though this is a common problem during the break-in period. If the problem persists, you must take action.

The Fix:

You could try using F5 MFG magazine to see if it solves the problem. This magazine is one of the most recommended mags for Ruger 57. In most cases, switching to a different magazine solved this particular issue.

If the problem is with spring or extractor, you should send the gun the Ruger to fix those.

5. Magazine Dropping:

Once you have fired the last round of Ruger 57, the magazine comes out. There are many users who claimed to face this problem.

Possible Reasons:

This kind of problem arises when the magazine does not fit into the gun correctly.

If there is a lack of finishing in the build quality. In case, the catch hole on the magazine cannot hold during recoil, the magazine will slide out.

The fault could be with the magazine also. If the magazine lacks finish or the catch hole is not well cut out then it could fall.

It’s possible that the mag catch hole wasn’t machined out perfectly. And it’s not being fully engaged by the mag catch.

The Fix:

You have two options at hand, try to mend the magazine or switch is completely.

Measure the one magazine that functions well with some calipers. The hole on the defective magazine can then be adjusted with a file until it fully catches.

If that’s the problem, fixing it is easy. Or, you could try switching magazines which will most probably solve the problem.

User Feedback on Ruger 57

Ruger 57 is one of the best choices with 20 rounds a magazine. Even though it has a reputation for requiring the user to spend more on ammo than average.

Also, the reload time in the gun goes beyond average. But given the price tag and performance, I would say this gun hits the marks.

On most platforms on the internet like thefirearmsforum, ar15, rugerforum this gets enough praise compared to its counterparts.

Ruger made some compromises in order to make this rifle more affordable. However, the majority of the issues you’ll probably encounter can be fixed. It was neither too soft nor too harsh to recoil. This weapon has a very quick rate of fire.

In conclusion, there aren’t many angry owners venting online about this rifle. Actually, the majority are complimenting how well their pistol performs. Additionally, it probably outperforms its cost.

Top 3 Alternative Guns of Ruger 57

1. FN Five-Seven:

The FN Five-Seven is a true unicorn among firearms. It is a compact polymer pistol that fires the 5.7x28mm round developed by FN.

Its compact size beats Ruger 57 as you will have easier time concealing it.

2. FN America Five-Seven Mark II:

The Five-Seven Semi-auto Pistol, which is chambered for the flat-shooting, deep-penetrating 5.7x28mm round, offers enormous capacity and minimal recoil.

This gun has lower weight which induces less fatigue comparing to the Ruger 57.

3. Kel-Tec P50:

The P50 is a delayed-blowback, semi-automatic handgun that takes the FN PS90 carbine’s 50-round magazines as its ammunition supply.

It is rather heavy for a pistol. However, that heft gives you two benefits: increased speed and increased capacity comparing with Ruger 57.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the Ruger 57 worth buying?

It’s really entertaining for a day at the range, and you could even use it to hunt varmints or small wildlife.

What is so special about Ruger 57?

It is a fully equipped handgun with a 20-round steel magazine with a standard capacity and a 5.7x28mm caliber bullet.

How much does a Ruger-57 handgun cost?

It will cost you between $800-$900.

How far can a Ruger 57 shoot?

The effective firing range of this handgun is 123 meters or 135 yards.

How strong is a Ruger 57?

The force needed to pull the trigger is around 4.5 pounds.


There is no such thing as a problem-free gun, and the Ruger 57 is no exception. Its performance, comfort, and accuracy set it apart from the competitors.

The vast majority of Ruger 57 problems are common and easily fixable. Whatever gun you choose, these are common problems.

If you are interested in learning more about guns, this one could be a great starting point if you have some patience.

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