The Most Common Glock 42 Problems with Practical Solutions

The semi auto pistol Glock 42 doesn’t shy on being lightweight, incredibly dependable, and concealable. Shooting is absolutely enjoyable and not the least punishing. It can be .22-level fun almost!

But with these benefits, is it really worth buying? Do the shortcomings overshadow the good?

The most common problems with the Glock 42 are: feed problems, cycling problems, MagGuts problem, extractor problem and magazine issues.

After reading this article, you will know the solution to all these problems. You will also know how the users feel about this product. So stay tuned!

Features & Specifications of Glock 42:

Barrel Length82,5 mm
Magazine CapacityStandard: 6
Overall Length151 mm
Caliber380 Auto
Twist Rate1:9.84 inches
Sight standard Glock plastic sight fillers
SafetySafe Action System
Dimensions Width (Overall): 25 Mm Height Incl. Mag.: 105 Mm
WeightWith empty magazine: 390 g
Trigger Pull24 N (depending on the configuration).
Common Glock 42 Problems and Solutions
Glock 42 Problems

Common Glock 42 Problems and Solutions

Feed ProblemsReplace several parts and change ammo.
Cycling ProblemsChange Ammo and make sure RSA matches with ammo.
MagGuts ProblemDitch the MagGuts. Switch to stock configuration.
Extractor ProblemClean and lube the gun. Dry fire.
Magazine IssuesChange magazine. Experiment till you find the right one.

Feed Problems

A number of feed failures and some stove pipes could happen. To solve this problem, you may require as many as 200 rounds.

About 4-5 magazines can be switched without reaching any solution. Every two rounds, the gun may jam again.

Additionally, after the last round, the slide might not open and the round might not be ejected.

Possible Reasons

A pistol’s performance can be impacted by limp wristing, a bad grip, and just plain bad pistol shooting technique.

The recoil spring may be too tight or the ammunition is too weak. The ammo such as LCP won’t lock open when using S&B.380 FMJ ammunition for example.

The recoil may too be heavy.

The Fix

You may want to replace the following parts:

  • Connector
  • Slide cover plate
  • Slide stop lever
  • Trigger housing
  • Trigger with bar
  • Magazines

Polishing the feed ramp is one potential remedy. The Glock 42 performs better when using WW/USA white-box ammunition. Typically, HP is a little hotter.

Cycling Problems

You’re Glock 42 will cycle and crimping, low loads, max loads, different powders-nothing may work to fix the issue.

Even though some cases are partially ejected and some are not at all, shooting “single action” is smoother.

The weapon must be cocked again after the slides have returned a short distance. It appears as though it would double feed. Because the top round doesn’t load before the second one hits it from below.

Possible Reasons

Initial reports indicate that it may initially be ammunition sensitive.

It might not function properly with bullets such as the 3.2gr Bullseye 95gr FMJ, PrecisionOne JHP, Hornady CD JHP, Blazer 95gr, Winchester, etc.

Additionally, the recoil spring may not match the ammo. This causes problems.

The Fix

Always match the recoil spring (poundage) and ammunition. Your RSA# and the ammunition used for the slide must simply get along for the slide to work properly.

Clean and lube the gun properly. Rack the slide a few hundred times to get the gun used to feeding.

Use good ammo such as the Fiocci 95gr. If these don’t work, send the gun to Glock.

MagGuts Problem

Glock 42 MagGuts +1 Magazine Conversion increases the capacity of your 6-round Glock 42. 380 caliber magazine to 7 rounds without extending it.

But the rounds eventually stop feeding into the pipe. The MagGuts mags begin to malfunction.

While there are still rounds in the magazine, the slide could lock open.

Possible Reasons

Third-party mag extensions or springs like MagGuts in your carry gun or load out are not meant to be. The guns as sophisticated as Glocks don’t like those mags.

They might initially be smooth but will eventually fail.

When you run stock, you can be confident that you’re using a tried-and-true system. A third party cannot always be trusted.

The Fix

The best thing to do would be to convert your gun to stock entirely. Ditch the MagGuts. They really are a hit or a miss (mostly miss).

Test each mag carefully using the MagGuts conversion. Check to see if you’ve had to file your slide stop if you’re experiencing slide stop issues.

Extractor Problem

The number of cartridges that FTE is huge, about 20%. This can be attributed to an extractor issue.

It appears that the cartridge is partially removed from the chamber by the ejector. This causes it to occasionally become stuck in the ejection port.

Possible Reasons

The slight case dimension difference shouldn’t interfere with ejection. This is probably because the Glock 42 chamber dimension is generous.

Stovepipes and erratic ejection are problems with G42 when it is new. It appears that the gun is oversprung and needs some break-in time.

The Fix

Strip it, clean it very carefully and properly. And then lube it. After doing the basics, take it to the range and shoot it.

This is a common problem and you need to give the gun a break-in time. Also, use different kinds of ammo with different mags. Shoot for a while at the rage with different ammo.

If this doesn’t work, send the gun back to Glock. There may be extractor defects (e.g the spring) that they will fix.

User Feedback on Glock 42

The G42 is a fine handgun but not for everyone. Your grip is going to dictate most of your love for this gun. Because the magazine catch button can be a nuance for you.

In terms of the 42, Hornady ammunition is the standard for EDC. That is how it was preferred by many users.

Some people firmly believe that G42 has no recoil! A mag may be fired at a target in record time! And that is often the truth!

For its tiny size, it is very accurate, which is nearly astounding. The gun is a yummy size, and shooting them is easy. However, they are too unreliable to carry.

It regularly experiences problems, flat-nosed bullets for example. It’s still a fairly manageable little rifle, though. Probably the reason why having one adds a little more to one’s manhood, as stated by many! (just channeling that run-of-the-mill sexist neighbor).

From what I see, users say as many bad things as they say good things about G42.

Top 3 Alternative Guns of Glock 42

Based on comparing the specs, features, practicality, and performance, I have found the 3 best alternatives to Glock 42. 

Ruger LCP

Consider using the Glock in an OWB holster for routine short-term carry (six to eight hours). But LCP unquestionably for longer carry times or more intense warm weather.

S&W .380 EZ

The G42 is the better gun, but if you have trouble racking the slide or want manual safety, the EZ is smoother. It also comes at a cheaper price.

LCR 357

The LCR’s superior firepower and the trigger should be favored over the 42 at all times. Additionally, it is easier to conceal and always goes boom.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you tell what Gen is a Glock 42?

There is only one G42, no different Gen. It’s a slight mix of a Gen 4 and a Gen 5.

Is a loose RSA normal on a Glock 42?

Yes, the recoil spring does not fit tight. It slips into place without even compressing the recoil spring assembly.

How powerful is a Glock 42?

Up to 294 foot-pounds.

What comes with a Glock 42?

A Glock 42 comes with 2 magazines, a magazine loader, a lock, a cleaning brush, a chamber flag, and a manual.

Is Glock 42 the thinnest Glock?

No, that will be Glock 43.


The Glock 42 can shoot very well. They are excellent shooters. They can be a little picky about ammunition, unlike other Glocks. But once you figure out what works, you’re good to go.

Compared to, say, the G19, the G42 leans much more toward the “fun and relaxing” end of the spectrum. Given its different size, caliber, and other characteristics, the G19 is undoubtedly in a different category. But if you’ve shot one, you’ll have a baseline from which to compare.

So, overall, I feel safe to say that you should go for the Glock 42. It’ll be fun!

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