Remington 572 Problems That New Buyers Should Know About

The Remington 572 has been the first and only squirrel gun to many people! It is a really attractive gun with a little scope that is incredibly accurate.

It looks a lot like an 870 shotgun and is a pump-action rifle with a tubular magazine. Just a cool gun to kill blue geese, squirrels, and rabbits.

The most common problems with the Remington 572 are: feeding problems, jamming issues, failure to return to battery, trigger pull problems and gun failing to lock.

After reading this article, you will know the solution to all these problems. You will also know how the users feel about this product. So, stay tuned!

Features & Specifications of Remington 572:

Action: Pump-action repeater

Caliber: .22 LR, Long, and Short.

Product weight: 5.75 lbs.

Product lengt: 42 inches

Capacity: 15 rounds

Stock: Walnut

Finish: Satin blue metal, low-gloss wood

Barrel length: 23 inches                 

Remington 572 Problems
Remington 572

Common Remington 572 Problems and Solutions

Feeding ProblemsTroubleshoot carrier, clean the gun.
Jamming IssueReplace the broken part causing jamming.
Failure to Return to BatteryUse proper barrels for the correct caliber. Clean carbon buildup in the chamber.
Trigger Pull ProblemReplace trigger springs. Troubleshoot.
Gun Fails to LockA gunsmith can fix the issue.

Feeding Problem

In a pump .22 with tube feed, the round that needs to be chambered occasionally slides too far back and won’t feed.

With such problematic guns, the carrier can appear a little rough.

The Fix

The rifle may have accumulated a significant amount of gunk. Take the stock and forearm off, then use Break Free, Remington Action Cleaner, or a similar product to thoroughly clean the action.

Check the carrier, the carrier tube, and the carrier spring for excessive wear and tear if the issues persist. It’s likely that the spring that holds the carrier in place has weakened and is no longer holding it securely in the pivot hole.

In actuality, the tube’s pivot surface may become worn. Replace the worn-out parts and take the gun to a gunsmith.

Jamming Issue

The pump mechanism occasionally seems to become stuck before cocking the gun. You simply can’t bring it back any further because it seems to become stuck before returning all the way.

The Fix

To examine what’s rattling around inside the receiver, push out the trigger plate pins and remove the trigger group. Usually, a tiny fragment of fractured metal is to blame for these problems.

Replace the damaged part of the gun by purchasing it from Brownells. It will be an authentic, new and intact Remington item, and Browells has better pricing too.

Failure to Return to Battery

The Remington 572 cycles sometimes feed and eject without a hitch. But it is practically hard to load the next round into the battery after shooting and ejecting.

This is because the bolt will not fully close.

The Fix

The chamber may have developed a ring of lead/carbon. It might require a thorough cleaning!

The 572s were chambered for short and long rifles. The stamp of the caliber should be on the barrel. Make sure you are using a proper barrel.

Trigger Pull Problem

According to the number of shots fired, the trigger group can wear out significantly. The BDL trigger has a considerably heavier pull than what most users are used to.

The Fix

You should replace the factory spring with a “Patriot” trigger spring for example. Any other aftermarket spring would do. Make sure it is high quality.

Patriot trigger spring
“Patriot” trigger spring

And taking your rifle to an experienced gunsmith is the best way to do it safely and correctly.

The seals can also be polished and slightly squared. To smooth out the insides, you may also try dusting that with graphite powder.

The sear spring can also be shortened by one and a half turns. But I wouldn’t advise doing this.

Gun Fails to Lock

After pushing the action forward, the slide action locking bar won’t stay locked. Furthermore, the bolt won’t fully lock up.

If you pull on the forend of the gun while it has a cartridge in the chamber, the forend will move backward, unlocking the bolt.

The Fix

The locking bar is held up by the action bar lock when it is engaged with the bolt. To manually operate the pump, try holding the locking bar up with a finger.

Naturally, this is carried out with the gun’s trigger assembly removed. This will demonstrate whether the locking bar can secure the bolt.

The locking bar can be moved by changing the interaction between the disconnector and sear. Take the gun to an expert gunsmith to conduct this process.

User Feedback on Remington 572

The Remington 572 since their release, were never particularly well-liked. Although Remington must have sold a considerable number of them to continue making them for so long.

More effectively than any 22 LR in its vicinity, Remington 572 was designed to feed single-shot cartridges into the chamber.

They also fire properly blended combinations of short, long, and long rifle ammunition. Many consider it to be the best pump .22 available!

The 572 feels quite heavy! And it sure looks sharp! It has a nice distinctive appearance and an improvement for the poor paint Remington applies.

You would think that the manufacturer could come up with a more durable finish with the duration the 572/552 rifles have been made! This isn’t a 150-dollar .22 gun, after all.

The Lightweights are the 572s’ holy grail, I’d like to add. The anodized, delicate finish covers the aluminum barrel cover and receiver. The Fieldmaster is a basic firearm that has few frills but is well-made.

So overall, it is not a bad gun!

Top 3 Alternative Guns of Remington 572

Based on comparing the specs, features, practicality, and performance, I have found the 3 best alternatives to Remington 572. 

Henry .22LR

As with everything from Henry, fit and finish will be superb. The price is fairly reasonable for an American-made rifle with a walnut stock. And, of course, Henry provides excellent customer service.

Marlin 39A

Marlin and Remington are excellent options. If I had to choose, I’d probably go with the 39A based only on “feel.”

Anschutz .22LR

Anschutz is similar to ice cream. That is, even their worst is fantastic!

Both the 54 and the 64 actions are excellent. But the 2000 enables you to purchase a fantastic rifle.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Cabela’s have a warranty on Remington 572?

IIRC Cabela’s has a warranty period on their used guns of at least 30 days.

When was the problematic pump design on Remington 572 changed?

The design was changed in 1957 and later guns don’t have that problem.

What type of barrel screw can fit Remington 572?

A Phillips head or an Allen screw.

What kind of receiver magazine combo is there on a Remington 572?

A blued magazine tube and aluminum receiver.

What were the changes Remington 572 made in “featherweight” pumps?

The “featherweight” pumps had a colored aluminum barrel and receiver with chrome trim.

When did the Remington 572 begin manufacturing?



It is a wonderful little weapon with excellent quality. You won’t get to shoot the .22 rifle too often now because it is quite long. However, when you do, it will always be a fantastic experience.

They are excellent for gophers and squirrels as they are very accurate. The gun is exceptional in the grouping as well.

So, my final suggestion will be to get one Remington 572 if you like simple basic guns.

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