6 Most Common CZ P-10 C Problems and Solutions

The CZ P-10 C is a compact semiautomatic handgun designed primarily for self-defense and military use. The P-10 C features three replaceable backstraps and a polymer frame reinforced with glass fiber.

There have been a variety of issues reported by P-10 C users. Some of them are problems with the firing pin, the trigger, the slide, the frame, and the magazine release. Also, many users have issues with the misfiring, failure to feed, and failure to eject.

Continue reading this article to learn about the possible CZ P-10 C problems and how to fix them.

Features & Specifications of CZ P-10 C:

ActionDouble Action
Capacity15+1 rounds
Caliber380 Auto  
Sights Luminescent
Product weight740 g (with empty magazine)
Product length187 mm
Barrel length102 mm
Frame MaterialFiberglass-reinforced Polymer                 
Henry CZ P-10 C Problems
Henry CZ P-10 C

Common Henry CZ P-10 C Problems and Solutions

Slide ProblemClean the gun properly. Reassemble the gun.
Trigger ProblemChange the trigger.
Firing Pin ProblemContact CZ.
Frame ProblemContact CZ.
Failure to FeedUse a +2 extended baseplate.
Failure to EjectReplace the extractor. Clean and lubricate the gun.

1. Slide Problem:

Some P-10 C users have reported that the slide of their guns locks back even when the magazine is not empty.

Some people have mentioned the out-of-battery problem of their P-10 C. It is a malfunction in the recoil system that prevents the slide from returning to its original position after shooting.

The dirt in the gun or insufficient lubrication is two possible causes of these types of slide malfunctions. Also, when reassembling the gun after cleaning, a lack of appropriate installation of different parts can cause such problems.

The Fix:

Clean the gun properly to fix the problem. Also, ensure that the gun is well-oiled to prevent the parts from becoming harsh.

If the problem persists, disassemble the gun and reassemble it with all the parts in their proper placements.

2. Trigger Problem:

Many users have complained about the trigger problem with the P-10 C. This problem is frequent for many C-10 users. After only a few rounds, users frequently report soreness in their shooting fingers.

The actual issue is the shoe, not the trigger pull. The trigger shoe of the P-10 C felt awkward. It feels very rough. The index finger contacts the trigger guard.

The Fix: 

If you are experiencing this particular issue, the only feasible solution is to change the trigger.

3. Firing Pin Problem:

Some P-10 C users have encountered issues with the firing of their guns.

In some cases, the firing pins are in poor condition. In other instances, the firing pin safety prevented the firing pin from ever making contact with the primer, which eventually resulted in a failure to fire.

This issue was the consequence of poor management by CZ during the early manufacture of P-10 C guns.

The Fix:

To fix the problem, you must send your gun to CZ. They will troubleshoot the problem.

4. Frame Problem:

Some P-10 C users experience problems with their gun’s frame. On their P-10 C, the frame starts to crack after shooting a few rounds.

The cracked area is there to give the rolling pin more surface area to grip. This crack could be the result of a rolling pin that is overly tight, causing it to crack when inserted or removed.

The Fix: 

Send your gun to CZ so they can solve the problem. They will change the damaged frame.

damaged frame.
damaged frame.

5. Failure to Feed:

Feeding problems are typical with the P-10 C. A lot of people have reported that the nose of the rounds gets stuck on the feed ramp.

The magazine is another aspect of the problem with this gun. In particular, people who use magazines with 17 or more rounds run into this problem more often.

The Fix: 

To solve the problem, it is suggested that the 15-rounders use a +2 extended baseplate.

Send the gun to the CZ if the problem keeps happening. They will figure out what is wrong with the feed ramp, which primarily involves stacking the rounds to get into the chamber.

 the feed ramp
the feed ramp

6. Failure to Eject:

A few users have reported that the CZ P-10 C begins to stovepipe instead of ejecting the cartridge from the chamber.

Typically, this is caused by a worn extractor, the little arm that grips the cartridge case, or a worn cartridge case.

This may be the effect of using inappropriate ammo. Inadequate lubrication and maintenance may also contribute to this issue.

The Fix:

To fix the problem, carefully inspect the extractor. The extractor must be replaced if it is damaged.

Also, stop using ammo that is incompatible with your firearm to solve the problem. In addition, it is preferable to alter your ammunition frequently.

Before firing the first shot, the firearm must be cleaned and lubricated.

User Feedback on CZ P-10 C

Most of the feedback about the CZ P-10 C is overwhelmingly unfavorable. Specially its slide, trigger problems are more frequent.

On The Original CZ forum, the owner of a P-10 C discussed a problem with the gun’s feeding system and the failure to fire.

A user on the Gunboards forum said he liked CZ but was not happy with the P-10 C because of its horrible magazine release. Another user on the Calguns forum thinks that the magazine release is the only negative with the P-10 C.

A user on Reddit said that the P-10 C has several problems. His P-10 C often has problems like failure to feed, failure to eject, out of battery, etc.

Another user on the SIG forum stated that the P-10 C has a great hand feel, but he did not like the P-10 C because the trigger shoe seemed awkward to him, and could not acclimate to it.

Top 3 Alternative Guns of CZ P-10C

Glock 19 Gen-5

The Glock 19 Gen-5 compact striker-fired pistol chambered for 9mm luger ammunition. It has a length of 7.28 inches, a height of 5.04 inches, and a weight of 23.99 oz.

Both the CZ P-10 C and the Glock 19 Gen-5 are compact striker-fired 9mm luger pistols. The P-10 C and the Glock 19 are fairly similar, although the Glock is approximately 2.4 oz lighter, 0.1 inches shorter, and has a different grip angle.

Sig Sauer P320 X Compact

The Sig Sauer P320 X Compact is a 9mm luger-chambered striker-fired compact pistol. It has a 4.02-inch barrel and holds 15(+1) rounds.

The P-10 C and P320 X Compact are both 9mm luger compact striker-fired pistols. The P320 X Compact is thus the best alternative for the P-10 C.

CZ P-10 F

The CZ P-10 F is a full-size, striker-fired pistol chambered in a 9mm luger. It has dimensions of 8 inches in length, 5.91 inches in height, and 28.2 oz in weight.

The P-10 F and P-10 C have many similar features, including a 9mm luger and 380 Auto chamber and a width of 1.26 inches. Thus, the CZ P-10 F is an ideal substitute for the CZ P-10 C.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When did the CZ P-10 C introduce in the market?

After development beginning in 2014, the CZ P-10 C was introduced in 2017.

What does the C stand for in the P-10 C?

The C stands for the P-10 C is compact.

What is the price of a CZ P-10 C?

The price of a CZ P-10 C is $509.99.

Has the P-10 C been taken off the market by CZ?

Yes, CZ discontinued the P-10 C in about 2018.


This article will enlighten you on the possible reasons for the CZ P-10 C problems and fixes associated with the problems.

To sum it up, CZ failed to please their customers with the P-10 C, even though a large number of people purchased this firearm due to CZ’s great reputation.

  1. The CZ P10c was still being made in 2022, this I know because I bought one and the manufacture date stamp on slide shows “22”
    The earlier years when it first came out did have some issues, but were addressed and fixed after 2018.

    1. to say CZ discontinued the P10c is to say Glock discontinued the G19, they both Glock and CZ made different iterations of the same pistol
      Glock is up to gen 5 for the 19, CZ just didn’t label it as gen 2 of P10c

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