Learn These Problems Before You Buy A Browning BLR

The BLR’s outstanding accuracy stems from its finely crafted, button-rifled barrel, which directs those fast-stepping magnum rounds precisely where they’re needed. However, there are several Browning BLR problems to be aware of before making rash selections.

The most prevalent complaints regarding the Browning BLR are poor chambering, a weak mechanism, and extraction issues.

This article will inform you about the probable causes and solutions to these problems. So, let’s get this party started.

Features & Specifications of Browning BLR Gun:

Caliber30-06 Springfield
Product weight7 lbs. 4 oz.
Product length43 inches
Capacity4 rounds
Twist Rate10 inches
Barrel length22inches 
Browning BLR Problems
Browning BLR

Common Browning BLR Problems and Solutions

Extractor FailureLevering multiple times with an empty chamber may solve the issue.
Hammer would not fallCleaning the gun thoroughly with gun oil is the solution.
MisfiringFixing the firing pin and handling other malfunctions may fix the problem.
Ejector IssueReplacing the extractor spring will solve this issue.
Fouler IssueClean the gun properly and shooting more rounds will fix the issue.

Extractor Failure

Levering it quickly might be the cause of the jams. Nothing puts me off a pistol faster than a lack of dependability.

The failure of the BLR to remove the expended cartridge from the chamber resulted in the duplicate feeding of a new round from the magazine.

The Fix

It is a pretty frequent cause that has been tested several times. When you pull the trigger quickly, the extractor slides by the rim, resulting in an empty cartridge case rotated backward in the receiver and a jammed pistol.

See what happens if you lever quickly with an empty chamber. You may need to attempt these three or four times to be certain. This may resolve the problem.

Hammer Would Not Fall

Following a cycle of the action and the chambering of a new round. However, you will be unable to pull the trigger. It appeared to be “stuck,” and the hammer would not descend.

Following a cycle of the action and the chambering of a new round. However, you will be unable to pull the trigger. It appeared to be “stuck,” and the hammer would not descend.

This problem might be caused by dirt in the chamber and a lack of proper cleaning. Sear spring is also to blame.

The BLR chamber is rather tight, which is frequently the cause of becoming stuck.

The Fix

You should wash it down with WD-40 while holding the pistol upside down blast it out with compressed air, then gently lubricate it with a decent gun oil. Although WD 40 is not gun oil, it will remove years of muck from the action.

Do not attempt to disassemble your BRL since you will end up shipping it to Browning.


Misfiring is a relatively prevalent problem that BLR users suffer. It’s an intermittent trigger issue that would drive anyone insane trying to figure it out.

Misfires can occur in a variety of circumstances, including when the firing pin is broken, twisted, or chipped.

A faulty firing pin spring or a pin that is excessively short may cause excessive headspace in the rifle.

The Fix

To resolve the misfiring problem, you must inspect every part of the gun. If it works properly or not.

Check that the firing pin is working correctly as well.

Ejector Issue

Ejection or feeding problems with Browning BLR are not very common.

Most frequently, a cartridge fails to eject when its casing is unable to entirely exit the gun’s chamber after being shot. A broken extractor claw, an overly unclean gun chamber, a failing case rim, among other things, are frequent causes of this.

The Fix

Make care to clean the pistol thoroughly. Your gun’s components remain intact.

If none of these fixes work. Check your weapon’s extractor and extractor spring with a reputable gunsmith.

Fouler Issue

The barrel might become dirty in fewer than ten rounds. In my situation, I received patches that w black, blue, and green. Things took me a long to tidy it up again. The cycle was then repeated with several kinds of ammunition. The same thing was done by all brands.

A dirty barrel might be the source of a rifle’s fouler problem.

Cleaning a gun is a time-consuming operation. To allow the solvent to function, a barrel must be placed between solvent-soaked patches and brushes. This is a pretty common problem with new guns.

The Fix

It will be kept. After a case or two of surplus, it will even out.

This gun might use a tune-up, but it has nothing “wrong” with it. Oh, roughly 200 rounds are required to break in a new barrel. After that, it will noticeably smooth out.

User Feedback on Browning BLR

The Browning BLR is not your typical lever action rifle; although most lack accuracy and power, this Browning model does. This gun was built by a historic business to function like a classic rifle but with current modifications.

A Browning BLR user on opeforum said even though he has little problem with the weak BLR mechanism but he discovered it to be surprisingly accurate while shooting and firing.

The magazine chamber was a touch snug. The BLR mechanism isn’t as forgiving in terms of tolerance as a bolt action, and reaming the chamber might result in headspace or light strike issues. However, it shoots quite well.

To recap, there aren’t many furious owners complaining on the internet about this rifle. Furthermore, it likely outperforms its pricing.

Top 3 Alternative Guns of Browning BLR

Marlin 336

Marlin Firearms manufactures the Model 336 lever-action rifle and carbine. Since its debut in 1948, it has been available in a variety of calibers and barrel lengths. The variant with a 24-inch barrel is currently only available in.30-30 Winchester. Ruger presently manufactures the Model 336.

Winchester 1895

The Winchester Model 1895 is a late-nineteenth-century American lever-action repeating firearm developed and manufactured by the Winchester Repeating Arms Company, chambered for a variety of full-size military unit.

The Sako Finwolf

This is one of the most elusive Sako rifles. Sako Finnwolf, built in 1958, was creating expanding markets in North America. The first prototype was made for caliber .30-06.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Did Browning discontinue the BLR?

BLR Rifles are no longer manufactured.

Where are Browning BLR rifles made?

Miroku Firearms in Japan manufactures the Browning BLR lever-action rifle for Browning Arms Company.

What does Browning BLR stand for?

BLR. Browning Lever Rifle (Lever Action Browning Rifles)

How long is a Browning BLR?

Browning BLR Lightweight ’81 Stainless Takedown Specs

How far can a Browning BLR shoot?

Because consistent accuracy is not as good as that of a standard bolt action rifle, 400 yards should be approximately the limit for this firearm.

Who designed the Browning BLR?

Karl R. Lewis


Browning BLR issues, probable causes, and remedies have been detailed as thoroughly as possible.

However, the offered solutions may not be sufficient for your problems.

Consultation with a gunsmith or shipping the pistol to Browning is the best option in such instances.

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