4 Stoeger P3000 Problems New Users probably are not aware of

The Stoeger P3000 is a shotgun and is one of the few guns you can purchase new for less than three hundred dollars. Despite all the good things it has there are some Stoeger P3000 problems I want to mention.

The most common Stoeger P3000 complaints are regarding cycling issues and jamming.

This article will discuss the possible causes and solutions to these issues. So, let’s move on to the specific details.

Features & Specifications of Stoeger P3000:

Action TypePump Action
Gauge12; 3-inch chamber
Barrel length18.5”
Avg Weight6 lbs. 6 ounces.
Capacity4 rounds
Stoeger P3000 Problems
Stoeger P3000

Common Stoeger P3000 Problems and Solutions

Cycling IssueClean all the factory gunk out.
Jamming IssueClean the gun properly.

1. Cycling Issue

Many customers or users complain about the cycling issue of the Stoeger P3000. It takes a lot of pressure to cycle the gun. After changing the ammo, the cycling issue doesn’t go well.

After cleaning and dry firing, the same issue happens. Some users say the issue feels like some of the bolt group is getting hung up on the cartage drop lever.

The Fix

Cycling issues happen if the gun is being used for a long time without cleaning and lubing. If nothing happens after cleaning it and you face the same issue, you need to go to a local gun store to fix the problem.

They will do the same things. They’ll wash it up and lube and suggest you some shells that are functional with the Stoeger P3000.

2. Jamming Issue

After searching online, I have found the Stoeger P3000 has some jamming issues. In the video, while testing in the field the shotgun jammed a bit.

The key reason behind the jamming issue remains the same as the cycling issue. If you are failed to properly clean and lubricant your P3000, this causes the shotgun to jam.

The Fix

You can probably fix a little jam and carry on shooting your pistol, but in the long run, if the gun has mechanical flaws or other underlying concerns.

If you keep cleaning the shotgun and still have the jamming issue, you need to take the gun to a qualified gunsmith. Otherwise, using the jammed gun would be a big risk.

User Feedbacks on Stoeger P3000

Customers’ opinions on the Stoeger P3000 appear to be divided. Due to the numerous problems with this gun, most of them are negative.

Users mostly come up with cycling and jamming issues. According to them, P3000 performs well, however, acts weird occasionally serving jamming and cycling problems. 

Many users also think that a good quality of ammunition can solve the problems.

However, I’ve already covered how consumers may quickly fix such issues.

Even though the Stoeger P3000 has a few serious issues, many users still have total faith in their P3000.

Users believe that the Stoeger P3000 boasts durability and all-around performance without having to break the bank, measuring an overall length of 49.5 inches and weighing 6.9 pounds.

Read a full review on thefirearmblog.com about Stoeger P3000 to know more about this gun.

Top 3 Alternative Guns of Stoeger P3000

I’ve identified the three top substitutes for the Stoeger P3000 by examining specifications, features, usability, and performance.

Mossberg 500

The Mossberg 500 is affordable. It can be customized to do everything you need a shotgun to accomplish, from dropping a duck to destroying a clay target to protecting your home, with attachments like extra barrels and chokes.

Stoeger P3500

Dual-action bars allow the Stoeger P3500 Pump-Action Shotgun to cycle 2-3/4″, 3″, and 3-1/2″ rounds perfectly.

Benelli Nova

The Benelli Nova 12 Gauge Pump-Action Shotgun’s polymer stock and lightweight receiver are combined for durability and weather resistance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does Stoeger P3000 cost?

Around $300.

Is the Stoeger P3000 tapped and drilled?

The receivers on the P3000 pump model are not drilled and tapped.

Can the Stoeger P3000 be fitted with a scope?


What number of shells does a Stoeger P3000 utilize?

7 shells.


No of your degree of expertise, you can encounter Stoeger P3000 issues when honing your shooting technique.

For this reason, I tried to go into as much information as I could about the potential reasons and fixes for the Stoeger P3000 issues.

Before you visit the clinic, make sure you can accurately identify, handle, and repair any of the aforementioned issues.

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