Browning X Bolt Accuracy Problem You Should Know About

The X-Bolt was created with a focus on precision, dependability, and durability while minimizing weight. It reduces weight from the previous model by up to a quarter of a pound. It has details and features that, in the past, were only seen on bespoke rifles, such as a carbon-fiber stock, long-lasting finishes, and a glass-bedded action.

However, it could occasionally let you down in terms of precision, which can be annoying. Do not worry; I will provide the answers to this issue in this post. Let’s find out more information regarding the X bolt’s accuracy issue and how it can be resolved.

Browning X Bolt Accuracy Problem You Should Know
Browning X Bolt Accuracy

Ways To Deal with Browning X bolt Accuracy Problems

Here is one user complaining about the accuracy of the X-bolt on the longrangehunting. There aren’t many people complaining about it but you will always find some here and there.

As there is more than one way to skin a cat, you have multiple options to compensate for the accuracy. Even if you don’t think you have an accuracy issue, these suggestions will help you increase the rifle’s accuracy even more. Let’s begin without wasting any more time.

1. Get the Right Ammo

Simply experimenting with different loads of ammunition can help reduce groups significantly because rifles respond differently to different types of ammunition.

The twist rate and total barrel length of a rifle affect how it reacts to a certain load. Take the time and resources necessary to test out a dozen various loads. There’s a strong chance that one will perform better than the others.

2. Install Quality Optics

When it comes to optics, the simple fact is that you frequently get what you pay for. There are several businesses that provide functional budget-friendly scopes. Purchase the finest you can.

Ensure that your sight is installed correctly and securely by utilizing high-quality bases and rings that fit the rifle firmly and securely.

3. Mod to Improve Accuracy

Your existing rifle may be calibrated by a skilled gunsmith, which, if done correctly, will provide a gun that shoots significantly better.

There are several rifle smithing packages available, but the majority of accurizing packages involve testing the headspace, bedding the rifle, and free-floating the barrel.

They also often include trigger adjustments and a scope/bases/rings check to guarantee optimal stability. Costs vary, but sometimes this may be done for far less than the cost of a new rifle.

4. Keep It Clean

Your rifle may become chronically inaccurate after years of misuse and neglect, but you can fix that.

In the past, doing good cleaning required the use of hazardous chemicals that released foul gases, a situation that was often unpleasant.

If you haven’t given your pistol a decent cleaning in a while, it’s worth a try since deposits and fouling in the barrel might eventually cause accuracy to decline.

5. Get a Trigger that Suits you

If the trigger can be adjusted, do so till it is smooth and sharp and also somewhat light. It’s time to invest in an aftermarket trigger if it isn’t adjustable or if it isn’t willing to adjust smoothly.

Excellent match-grade triggers are produced by companies like Timney, Jewell, TriggerTech, and others. These triggers will unquestionably increase your capacity to break the shot cleanly when it counts.

6. Smoothen the Barrel

A sturdy, one-piece rod with an aggressively threaded end is inserted into a bore to be smoothed out, and then a molten lead plug is poured around the threads. A mirror-bright, the smooth bore should be the end result when done correctly.

7. Get Bipod

A bipod offers accuracy comparable to benchrest when used properly. Instead of laying at an angle behind the bipod as many competitive shooters taught, the modern technique calls for lying straight behind the bipod. Because recoil is sent straight back through the body, muzzle jump, especially lateral muzzle leap, is reduced.

Usually, more adjustable bipods allow greater adjustability, especially in the front and rearward leg positions, and they cost three times as much. They can also be lighter at times.

8. Replace Barrel at Regular Intervals

Like anything else, barrels have a lifespan, and if you’ve been shooting your rifle for a long time, you’ll start to notice bigger groupings at the range. If the barrel of your rifle isn’t properly maintained, this is made worse.

Factory barrels come in a wide range of qualities, and it can be difficult to determine how nice your barrel is unless you compare it to a high-end tube.

Often, a high-quality aftermarket barrel will deliver improved results quickly, and you’ll be surprised at what a new pipe can do.

9. Practice

Some people have good aim by nature, while others need to practice to get it. You must train more if you believe your aim may need some improvement.

Visit the range to constantly practice your aim. Static targets should be used first, followed by moving targets.

Go outside and set up your own targets to create the feeling of hunting. Just make sure you’re practicing in a quiet place and that you’re just aiming the pistol in a secure location.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Did Browning discontinue the X bolt?

X-Bolt rifles are no longer In production.

Are Browning X Bolts good?

If purchasing a new deer rifle is on your mind before setting out, the Browning X-Bolt will serve you more than admirably during the forthcoming deer season.

Why is it called an X bolt?

A bolt-action rifle, the X-BOLT is. Its name is derived from the “X-Lock” mounting method for scopes.

How far can a Browning 6.5 Creedmoor shoot?

The rangefinding scope was ideal for shooting that day since it was effective out to 700 yards and some change, and most importantly, it was already installed on the X-Bolt Max Long Range 6.5 mm Creedmoor.

How good are Browning rifles?

Browning is renowned for its superb craftsmanship and a slight propensity to add electronics to its weapons.


It is more than simply a mountain rifle; you could use it to hunt almost anything, wherever. This is an agile rifle that, especially in bigger chamberings, is an absolute hammer. Nice guns aren’t cheap.

You might not have much of an accuracy issue if you carefully plan your hunting strategy and follow it. Or you might try my suggestions to improve your chances.

Nine of the most popular hunting rounds available today are chambered in this weapon. The X-Bolt is a great option if you’re searching for a new hunting rifle with a semi-custom stance and durability in the most extreme conditions.

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