Remington 7600 Problems that New Buyers Should Know About

Pump guns are designed to be effective brush guns with quick handling. If that’s what you’re after, Remington the 7600 should meet your needs.

Despite having many nice features, the Remington 7600 has been a problematic gun.

The most common  roblems with the Remington 7600 are: clip problems, feeding issue, scope problems, firing pin problems and action problems.

After reading this article, you will know the solution to all these problems. You will also know how the users feel about this product. So stay tuned!

Features & Specifications of Remington 7600:

ActionPump Action
Product weight 120 ounces
Product length42.6 inches
Cylinder MaterialStainless Steel
Barrel length22 inches
Barrel Material Carbon Steel
Remington 7600 Problems
Remington 7600

Common Remington 7600 Problems and Solutions

Clip ProblemsReplace or troubleshoot clip
Feeding IssueTroubleshoot magazine
Scope ProblemsUse proper ring and scope combo.
Firing Pin ProblemsFox protrusion and other few stuff.
Action ProblemsDesign issue.

1. Clip Problem

When you remove the clip, the second shot will jam but the first shot will feed. When loaded, the clip also squeaks awkwardly into the weapon.

Other times, the clip is tough to install.

The Fix

The Remington 7400 and Remington 7600 clips frequently experience issues like these. The clip is a stamp-manufactured part.

You can carefully remove a worn patch or edge using a fine file or 000 grit paper. That is, only if it is a minor problem.

If not, a second clip is an easy and effective remedy. If the new clip doesn’t fit properly, you’re dealing with a bigger problem. Take the gun to a Remington-approved servicing facility.

2. Feeding Issue

The Remington 7600 would not load properly or discharge spent shells often. Particularly when using a 35 Whelen cartridge.

The rounds hit something on the way instead of sliding into the chamber. This prevents the bolt from moving forward.

The Fix

Typically, it is a magazine issue. Over the years, the Remington magazines have been inconsistent and problematic. Replace with a magazine from a third party.

Check the top of the receiver of your rifle. The bolt returning and smacking the top of the receiver dents the metal.

3. Scope Problem

With the elevation on the scope all the way up, the 7600 shoots 3 inches low at 25 yards. And around 7 inches low at 50 yards.

The Fix

Either your front base and ring are higher or your back base and ring are lower. That is the most common reason for this problem with these guns.

But I advise that you simply get the right base and continue using the same rings.

The Redfield base mount should operate with Leupold rings well. Having said that, the Burris signature rings will solve this issue if your scope is alright.

4. Firing Pin Problem

A bad fire pin or wrong protrusion length causes the gun not to fire. Additionally, the primer might be punctured.

The Fix

A pin that secures the firing pin is located inside the back of the bolt. There’s little metal above that pin.

That higher portion can break and bend back enough to cause a minor bulge. This bulge rubs the bolt against the carrier.

Additionally, a problem with the hammer spring’s brittleness or an interference (dragging) issue with the hammer dropping can also be the reason.

The following should apply to the firing pin protrusion length:

Shotgun: Minimum.060″ Centerfire Rifle: Minimum.060″ Maximum.065″ Rimfire: Minimum.035″ to Maximum.040″

The accumulation of dirt can shorten the firing pin’s travel. So it shouldn’t be greased or oiled.

5. Action Problem

It takes several attempts to get the next cartridge in the chamber after firing one round and using the pump to try to do so.

The fired round is very simple to extract. But the subsequent round just takes longer to enter the chamber.

The Fix

It has something to do with the case’s low pick-up. It’s also possible that the magazine isn’t fully seated.

Troubleshoot these parts.

User Feedback on Remington 7600

Most users suggest against this gun. And it is so obvious as to why.

Say, the first thing you’d do after buying a gun, is field strip a gun and clean it, yes?

Guess what? The 7600 does not have a simple disassembly. You require sophisticated tools. Aside from two pins for the trigger group, the remaining pins can be difficult to install for the first time.

But giving where credit is due, these are excellent brush guns! Depending on the open sights, the accuracy may not be what you like, ranging from 2″ to 4 MOA.

The pump is really loud as well. In comparison to a bolt gun, the triggers on this firearm are poor, but they do the job.

Here, long-distance shots are impossible unless you come upon a deer standing in a farm field. Therefore, accuracy at close ranges is more crucial than hitting skill at greater distances.

Another thing to consider is that you’ll need spare mags. The magazines are usually available in 10-round capacity. However, most are made of plastic.

Top 3 Alternative Guns of Remington 7600

Based on comparing the specs, features, practicality, and performance, I have found the 3 best alternatives to Remington 7600. 

Remington 7400

These have a better accuracy on them than the 7600. Due to advancements in the receiver, the more recent 7400 is far more dependable than the 742 and 740.

Although they can fluctuate like previous bolt mechanisms, they are generally accurate for deer hunting.

Ruger GG

Although the bolt gun will be more accurate than the pump, under 250 yards, it may not matter. It’s quite fascinating to see a Ruger GG in 30/06 fire 220-grain bullets.

Browning BLR

A Browning BLR in .270 caliber handles incredibly well. It allows you to get the second shot from the shoulder quickly, and is incredibly accurate. This lever action rifle is arguably the most accurate one available today.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the barrel on Remington 7600 free floating?

Yes, the barrel is free floating.

How was the first Remington 7600 series?

The first series was called jam-o-matics for the bad jamming problem. The 2nd and 3rd generations were a little better.

Can you hunt a deer with Remington 7600?

A 7600 in .270 can be used to hunt deer without a problem.

Which is the least problematic Remington 7600 generation?

The 3rd generation Remington 7600 guns are the least problematic.

What material is the insert on the receiver of the Remington 7600?

Hardened Steel insert.


The Remington 7600 is not a bad gun. It’s a fast carbine and has excellent iron sights! They are accurate, long-lasting with proper maintenance, and dependable.

However, do not attempt to ruin it with optics, trigger work, or anything else. It should allow you to manage open areas within a 100-yard radius.

Despite this, it is more efficient than Bolt action and more dependable than a semi-automatic.

In my opinion, you should avoid purchasing this gun.

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