Remington 783 Problems that New Buyers Should Know About

The Remington 783, essentially a Savage design gun, performs quite well. This design is a tried-and-true accurate design. At least as long as the barrel is high-quality. However, as a Remington gun, of course, it has problems.

The most common problems with the Remington 783 are: accuracy problems, ejection/extraction issues, and failure to feed and firing pin problems.

I will give you the solution to these common Remington 783 issues in this article. Additionally, you will get authentic reviews from users as well. So, stay tuned!

Features & Specifications of Remington 783:

Action: Bolt action

Caliber: 6.5 Creedmoor

Product weight: 120 ounces

Product length: 36.1-44.5 inches

Capacity: 3/4/5 rounds

Finish: Matte

Barrel length: 16.5-24 inches                 

Remington 783 Problems
Remington 783

Common Remington 783 Problems and Solutions

Accuracy ProblemsReplace the factory scopes.
Ejection/Extraction IssueTroubleshoot chamber. Replace a broken extractor.
Failure to FeedTroubleshoot the magazine.
Firing Pin ProblemTroubleshoot firing pin, bolt etc. Clean the gun.

Accuracy Problem

The rifle’s accuracy is atrociously poor. Without including flyers, the optimal grouping at 100 yards will be greater than 4″.

While some Remington 783 rifles shoot reliably, others do not.

The Fix

The Stock scope is probably the problem. In that case, the stock one needs to be discarded. Replace it with a better one.

It’s extremely limited eye relief might be acceptable for a 223, but not for a Magnum caliber.

It’s extremely fragile and made in China. Additionally, about five shots in, the factory scope likely throw out a lens.

Ejection/Extraction Issue

It might not extract properly or, eject properly. Even after a complete cleaning and extractor replacement, the extraction problems could persist.

However, if it extracts normally, the round may no longer be ejected.

The Fix

Usually, you need to use a pocket knife to dig out the embedded brass. In the chamber, turn a bronze brush only from the breech end.

A burned case can easily be bound in there with just a little roughness. A patch and solvent spat won’t do the trick.

To polish the chamber, it is recommended that you use a coiled Tornado brush.

Additionally, it may be a broken extractor. Midwestgunworks makes nice extractors replace it with that one. Make sure the broken pieces have been removed properly first.

Failure to Feed

Bolt-over-rim failure to feed occurs when the magazine continuously feeds rounds to the feed lips with the rim too low to be pushed out by the bolt.

The Fix

It’s just a cheap gun even though it shouldn’t do that. I advise you to take other measures instead of fiddling with feed lips.

Disconnect the magazine’s plastic floor from the metal box. Two tiny plastic tabs, one on each side of the metal box, need to be carefully pried or released.

The follower with the associated accordion spring is located inside. Lift the end of the spring that rests against the plastic follower’s back at the bottom, below where the backs of the rounds are.

Place a clean penny between the spring and the plastic follower in the center. To secure the penny, use an appropriate glue that is both robust and somewhat flexible.

Avoid using so much glue that it extends past the follower’s outer edge. The penny only has to be held in place. Reassemble when the glue has dried. And voila!

Firing Pin Problem

The gun won’t fire a shot. On the primer, it leaves a slight indentation. The outcome is the same regardless of the ammunition used.

The Fix

The firing pin assembly
The firing pin assembly

The firing pin assembly has to be cleaned and the bolt disassembled. Most likely, there is dried grease and possibly some carbon. Clean the inside of the bolt, and before reinstalling the firing pin assembly, make sure there are no protruding pins.

If the pin doesn’t protrude .055″ when de-cocked, check the far end of the bolt tube for bits of powder, metal, or dried oil. It will be right before the firing pin channel.

Regularly scrape the buildup off this shoulder with a flat-bladed screwdriver.

Another thing to look for is whether the bolt handle is all the way down when closed.

Any foreign object in the action slot or stock, or under the handle in the locking lug area, can temporarily prevent the firing pin cocking piece from moving all the way forward.

User Feedback on Remington 783

Users have both positive and negative things to say about this rifle. In a desperate attempt to establish itself as a low-cost/high-quality firearms producer, Remington created the 783 rifles.

The firearm itself appears to have been carefully crafted and put together. Adjustment is simple with the Crossfire trigger (a sort of Accutrigger).

Other than the blade, there is no creep or take up, and it breaks cleanly. The rifle has a substantial weight to it and feels extremely sturdy. Although the polymer material is plain, it is highly rigid.

There are many advantages to the Savage Axis. Compared to many of the blued models of the other rifles, the price of the Stainless variant is equal to or lower.

The Remington 783 is nothing like a 770, for sure. The main differences between it and an Axis or Ruger American are its 24″ barrels and two available Magnum calibers.

This is what distinguishes the 783 from the bargain pack, as Shure Shot McGee noted!

Finally, if you want a Remington, get an old 700. Otherwise, look into budget rifles from Savage or Ruger.

Top 3 Alternative Guns of Remington 783

Based on comparing the specs, features, practicality, and performance, I have found the 3 best alternatives to Remington 783. 

Remington 770

The truth is that users hate this gun. But, 770 at least fires straight. It has a clingy bolt.

But if you pull really hard, it may occasionally come out straight. With time, the 770 begins to produce better groups, such as 4 inches at 100 yards.

Howa 1500

Howa 1500 shoots awesome. Both are effective and good. But the Howa is somewhat superior all around, particularly due to the trigger. Additionally, you can always update the stock because there are a ton of aftermarket goodies available for them.

Marlin XL7

The Marlin XL7s, although discontinued, are a better alternative for this one. It has a fantastic trigger and prefers cheap ammunition.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Remington 783 have an Aluminum build?

It has two aluminum pillars and the typical cross brace design within.

What system is the barrel suspended in a Remington 783?

The barrel is free-floated within the stock.

How is the accuracy of Remington 783?

With 140’s you do get 1-inch groupings, but no true bench-level accuracy.

What is a good base for Remington 783?

Savage 110 bases in the Leupold/Burris/Redfield STD style will work perfectly.

What is the Accutrigger’s lowest setting on a Remington 783?

2.5 lbs.


It doesn’t make much sense to spend a lot of money on a .308 or too little on a 30.06 or.300 Rem Mag with this gun. Because the capabilities of this weapon and .308 ammo seem to have similar accuracy drop offs.

However, if it were a bargain rifle, you would truly like the gun. It has a wonderfully smooth bolt, a clean trigger, a good polymer stock that isn’t as flimsy as other economy rifles, and a price that is comparable to that of Ruger American rifles, Savage Axis, and other similar models.

So, I really leave it up to you, if you want to spend the money. But to me, investing in this rifle is pointless.

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