P365XL vs P365 XMACRO: Don’t Pick The Wrong One – Read This Must!

Because of its small size and large capacity magazines, Sig Sauer’s P365 series of handguns has become highly popular.

The P365 XL and P365 X-Macro are two P365 variants that provide various features and advantages to different consumers.

But which one suits you the most? Let’s take a better look at the variations between these two models P365XL vs P365 XMACRO to see which one is best for you.

P365XL vs P365 XMACRO

P365XL vs P365 XMACRO: Quick Comparison Table

Here are some quick comparisons between these two handguns –

FeaturesP365XLP365 X-MACRO
Cartridge9 mm Luger9 mm Luger
Sightsstandard X-RAY3 Day/Night Sights systemadjustable back sight and fiber optic front sight
Weight20.7 oz21/5 oz
Length                  6.6”6.6”
Barrel Length3.7”3.1”
Grip5.8” grip4.6” grip
SafetyInternal safetyInternal safety
Gun typesemi-automatic pistolsemi-automatic pistol
Designthermoplastic and stainless steel slidepolymer chassis and stainless steel slide

What Are the Differences between P365XL vs P365 XMACRO? (Explained)

The Sig Sauer P365 XL and P365 X-Macro are both famous variations of the P365, but they vary in appearance and features. The P365 XL is a significantly bigger variant of the regular P365, featuring a longer barrel, slide, and grip.

The P365 X-Macro, on the other hand, is a more specific variant of the P365 that is intended for use in competition.

Here are a few brief observations of these two handguns:

1. Design:

The P365XL and P365 X-MACRO are both well-designed guns with characteristics that improve accuracy, simplicity of use, and ergonomics.

The P365XL is made of thermoplastic and has a stainless steel slide. It has a longer slide and barrel than the normal P365, as well as a larger grip and a 12-round magazine. In addition, the P365XL has an auxiliary rail for attaching lights and lasers.

The P365 X-MACRO has a polymer chassis and a stainless steel slide as well. Its slide and barrel are shorter than those of the P365XL, making it more compact and simpler to hide. There is also an auxiliary plate on the X-MACRO for attaching lights and lasers.

2. Grip:

The P365XL has an extended grip with a total height of 5.8 inches, allowing most shooters to use a complete three-finger grip.

The handle is thermoplastic and has a textured surface for better traction and control. Texturing consists of tiny raised circles that cover the grip’s frontstrap, backstrap, and sides.

The P365 X-MACRO has a shorter handle and a total height of 4.6 inches, making it more concealable. The handle is made of elastomer as well and has a textured surface for better traction and control. Texturing is comparable to the P365XL with tiny raised circles.

Both of them has beavertail on the handle serves to reduce recoil and enhance control.

3. Weight:

The weight variation between the P365XL and P365 X-MACRO is minor, with the P365XL weighting slightly more.

With the normal 12-round magazine, the P365XL weights 20.7 ounces (unloaded).The typical 12-round magazine for the P365 X-MACRO weights 20.5 ounces (unloaded).

4. Sights:

Both the Sig Sauer P365 XL and P365 X-Macro are outfitted with high-quality sights that are intended to increase precision and speed on target.

The stock SIGLITE night sights on the P365XL are three-dot night sights with tritium inlays. For increased visibility, the front sight features a green tritium dot encircled by a white disk. The back sight consists of a blacked-out U-notch with two tritium spots on either side. These eyes are long-lasting and low-profile, making them perfect for concealment.

The upgraded X-RAY3 Day/Night Sights on the P365 X-MACRO are high-visibility sights with a brilliant green front dot and a blacked-out back sight.

The front sight features a high-contrast green dot encircled by a serrated circle, which aids in rapidly drawing the shooter’s eye to the front sight. For low-light shooting, the rear sight is a blacked-out U-notch with a solitary tritium dot in the middle.

Overall, the X-RAY3 Day/Night Sights on the P365 X-MACRO are an improvement over the P365XL’s regular SIGLITE night sights.

5. Trigger:

The P365XL has the typical curved trigger found in most guns. The trigger draw weight is around 6 pounds, which is appropriate for a striker-fired pistol. The smooth base of the trigger is intended to provide a clear, crisp trigger release.

The P365 X-MACRO features a flat-faced trigger with a 90-degree break angle that provides a steady trigger draw and improved control.

The flat face of the trigger has a bigger contact area with the shooter’s finger, which can aid in precision and decrease trigger finger fatigue. The draw weight of the trigger is approximately 5.5 pounds, which is marginally lighter than the P365XL trigger.

The flat-faced trigger on the P365 X-MACRO is considered an upgrade over the standard curved trigger on the P365XL.

6. Magazine:

The ammo size of the P365XL is 12 rounds. In 2022, SIG debuted the XMACRO, a larger version of the P365 with a 17-round capacity.

Keeping the P365 base and magazines, expanding capacity to 17 rounds only slightly lengthens the handle.

7. Range:

Rather than long-range gunfire, the P365XL and P365 X-MACRO are intended for covert carry and close-quarters self-defense. Shooters may be able to expand their effective range beyond 25 yards with practice and ability.

It is essential to note that the effective range of any firearm is greatly reliant on the shooter’s ability to aim and discharge the firearm correctly.

8. Accuracy:

The accuracy of these weapons is generally determined by the shooter’s ability to target and manage the firearm.

The P365XL and P365 X-MACRO both have a low bore shaft and a compact construction, which can aid in reducing perceived recoil and improving precision.

According to SIG Sauer’s manufacturer specs, the P365 model has a 25-yard accuracy of 2 inches or less. Individual shooters’ precision, on the other hand, may differ.

9. Durability:

Both guns have a stainless steel slide and a polymer frame, which are both tough materials that can endure a lot of use and misuse.

The slides have a black Nitron finish, which is a hard, scratch-resistant covering that protects the weapon from damage and rust.

SIG Sauer thoroughly examines its guns to ensure that they can endure heavy use and abuse. Thousands of rounds of testing have been performed on the P365 series to guarantee that it can work reliably under a variety of circumstances.

Also SIG Sauer firearms come with a restricted lifetime guarantee that includes defects in materials and craftsmanship.

Safety Issues of P365XL and P365 X-MACRO

Multiple safety measures are built into the P365XL and P365 X-MACRO to avoid accidental discharge and guarantee secure operation. Both guns lack a manual safeguard.

To avoid accidental discharge, they depend on internal safety devices such as a firing pin safety, a drop safety, and a trigger safety. Because neither weapon has a magazine safety, they can be discharged even if the magazine is removed.

Because these guns are intended for covert carry, it is critical to choose a holster that suits the handgun correctly and avoids unintentional firing.

Cost Detail of P365XL vs P365 XMACRO

The price of the P365 XL and P365 X-MACRO depends on a number of variables, including the vendor, region, taxes, and availability.

The Sig Sauer P365 XL usually costs between $600 and $700 USD, while the P365 X-MACRO can cost between $800 and $900 USD. These prices can differ based on the firearm’s particular features, finishes, and configurations.

It is important to note that these costs do not include any extra expenses connected with buying a firearm, such as taxes, shipping, or transfer fees.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the barrel length of the P365XL and P365 X-Macro?

The barrel length of the P365 XL is 3.7 inches and of P365 X-MACRO is 4.0 inches.

What is the capacity of the P365 XL and P365 X-MACRO?

The capacity of the P365 XL and of the P365 X-MACRO is 12 rounds and 15 rounds.

What is the weight difference between the P365 XL and P365 X-Macro?

The weight of the P365 XL and the P365 X-MACRO are 20.7 ounces and 22.5 ounces.

What is the price difference between the P365 XL and P365 X-MACRO?

The P365 X-MACRO’s price range is from $800 to $900 USD, while the P365 XL typically retails for around $600 to $700 USD.

Are the P365 XL and P365 X-MACRO compatible with the same accessories?

Yes, the P365 XL and P365 X-MACRO are both compatible with a wide range of accessories, including holsters, sights, and lights.


Finally, between the Sig Sauer P365XL vs P365 XMACRO are both superb firearms with unique design and feature variations.

The P365 X-MACRO has a longer slide, barrel, and expanded grip module, which provides more space and better handling, whereas the P365 XL has a more compact construction.

Both guns are excellent choices for concealed carry and personal protection, and the final decision is based on personal taste and intended use.

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