Top Glock 26 Problems You Should Know About

You can undoubtedly hold on to a Glock 26 without fear of being torn to shreds, the aggression is just right on these. Having so many features at such a low price makes it an excellent choice for home defense. But the gun comes with some issues.

Some Glock 26 Problems are: bullet not chambering issues, ejection/brass to face issues, failing to feed, trigger reset problem, recoil spring assembly issues, and slide lock issues.

After reading this article, you will know the solution to all these problems. You will also know how the users feel about this product. So stay tuned!

Features & Specifications of Glock 26:

Barrel Length87 mm
Magazine CapacityStandard- 10; Optional- 12 / 17 / 19 / 15 / 24 / 31 / 33
Overall Length163 mm
Twist Rate1:9
SightsPolymer, Steel, Night Sights
SafetyStriker-fired operating system: Safe Action
WeightWithout a magazine is 550 g With a loaded magazine is 730 g
Trigger Pull28 N
Glock 26 Problems and Solutions
Glock 26

Common Glock 26 Problems and Solutions

Bullet Not Chambering IssuesLubricate and troubleshoot.
Ejection/Brass to Face IssuesReplace parts.
Failing to FeedReplace parts.
Trigger Reset ProblemReplace recoil spring.
Recoil Spring Assembly IssuesAdjustment should be natural.
Slide Lock IssuesReplace, lubricate, troubleshoot.

1. Bullet Not Chambering Issues:

When you load the magazines, the first bullet gets stuck and won’t chamber or fire. The first 2-5 shots may go off without a hitch, but then it would jam.

Possible Reasons

The problem might be caused by limp-wristing. The amount of limp-wristing some firearms can tolerate varies greatly.

Also, reloads are strictly prohibited by Glock. A Key-Tec P3AT is a nice example of this. They have developed a bad reputation for FF & FE primarily because of limp-wristing.

The Fix

Be sure to clean the firearm and lubricate the slide rails with the Glock copper-based lubrication. That lubricant is put on every Glock right out of the box.

What I understand is, it keeps the slides lubricated and reduces wear on them. Many people try hard to remove the residue thinking it is rust, which is a great mistake. So don’t do that.

2. Ejection/Brass to Face Issues:

Yes, limp-wristing can cause ejection issues. But your opinion changes when the same two generations of Glock 26 produce different results.

These problems increase with the G19 & G26, especially Gen4 models. Be aware! It will mostly fly towards your head.

Possible Reasons

The spring starts to lose grip on the case rim. The ejector may be bent as well.

Another issue is the Poly 80 build frame. The Polymer 80’s RRM sandwiches the Glock TMH. This could be moving the ejector out of position.

The ammo you are using could be another possible issue. Glocks prefer ammo with a lot of power.

The Fix

Change the extractor spring. If your ejector looks bent, change that too. So basically, replace:

  • extractor
  • spring-loaded bearing
  • plunger spring for the extractor depressor
  • depressor plunger (optional).

Avoid using a Poly 80 build frame. Finally, check to see if the chamber is in good condition. If everything is in order, change the ammo and inspect the magazines for spread-feed lips.

3. Failing to Feed:

While firing 9mm NATO ball ammo, the gun demonstrates FTFs during rapid firing.

Possible Reasons

Due to the less powerful ammo and quick-fire, there can be a grip problem. Lack of pressure in the magazine is also a cause.

Lack of pressure

The Fix

Polish the feed ramp and maintain feeding it ammunition. Preferably a variety of brands.

You may try that and see if loading six or seven into the magazine makes a difference. Try loading your magazine while the slide is locked open.

Then draw the slide back and let it slam into the battery by letting it go. If it won’t enter batteries in that position, your recoil spring might be broken.

4. Trigger Reset Problem:

It is a serious but common safety issue in both Glock 23 and 19s. The trigger and trigger safety could easily be reset with a forceful rack of the slide.

Possible Reasons

It could be that the trigger spring’s connection point with the trigger bar is misaligned.

For whatever reason, as the slide recharges, the end of the trigger bar may miss the sear tab of the striker. The wolf spring with the 3.5# connector may cause these problems.

The Fix

Fix any misalignment in the trigger bar. For this, you may need to completely strip the gun. Be sure to know what you are doing before going for it.

Glock OEM spring is preferable for the Glock 26. Avoid using any other springs.  

5. Recoil Spring Assembly Issues:

The barrel’s half-circle reassembly notch becomes jammed with the recoil spring. Even then, it doesn’t always stay there.

Possible Reasons

The RSA may not even be seated in the half-moon when the slide is taken out of the frame. Instead, it may be perched on the next cut above or below the moon (that interfaces with the Slide Lock).

The Fix

Actually, this rarely becomes a problem. There isn’t a functional notch. The area above the half moon is the lip on the barrel lug that locks into the groove on the slide lock, and the half moon itself is the location for reassembly.

Overall, this formation is quite natural and there is little to do anything abour it.

6. Slide Lock Issues:

Often when taking the slide off the slide lock, the spring falls out. Additionally, the slide won’t fit onto the frame completely.

Possible Reasons

Some springs are misplaced or loose which is why they are prone to falling off. The slide lock lever’s spring is in contact with the top pin. The slide lock is therefore improperly placed.

The Fix

When you lose the spring, call Glock so they can send you one. The buyer shouldn’t have to deal with a broken slide lock spring other than by asking the LGS armorer to replace it at Glock or the dealer’s expense.

If you have any concerns, ask an armorer to look at your gun regarding this issue.

User Feedback on Glock 26

I speak for the owners, when I say, the G26 is the greatest EDC available. The G26 is one of the most accurate shooting weapons right out of the box. What a terrific shooter it is!

Compared to the Glock 17 or 19, they are simpler to carry. The Glock 26 would be the go-to gun to many if they could only possess one. It can long be your off-duty carry. It is adaptable, robust, and reliable.

Yes, the term “best” has several limitations. The trade-offs between comfort, concealability, shootability, and expense when carrying a gun can be quite personal.

So yes there do exist problems. Even though some claim Glock rectified the issue, the Gen5 is still excessively short in the barrel throat. But, for people who could not assemble their Glock without prestressing the spring, the Gen 4’s proposed enhanced trigger spring was designed.

As far back as the first Gen2.5 G26 imported in July 1995, the Gen5 G26 is the best iteration of the G26—as long as you’re okay with its subpar 9x19mm caliber. And guess what? The users love it!

Top 3 Alternative Guns of Glock 26

Glock 36:

It is a single-stack 6+1. 45 ACP that just so happens to fit perfectly in a cargo pocket. Compared to the Glock 26/27/33 pistol, the slide is smaller and measures 6.5″ in length.

Remington Golden Sabre 185 grain JHP +Ps shoot exceptionally well out of a Glock 36. while producing approximately 500′ pounds of usable energy.

Kimber Micro 9:

This one comes with a 3-inch barrel, 6-round 9mm magazine, and slightly more over 15 ounces in weight. It has a good trigger and the same kind of positive thumb safety as a small, miniature 1911-style pistol.

Kahr CM9:

The CM9 is an ultra-compact 9mm gun that is very affordably priced. Kahr went through a phase of not accepting responsibility for their actions. like Glock does right now. But they sure are a treat to shoot.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Can I Tell What Generation My Glock 26 Slide Is?

Go on the Glock website, where they give all the measurements for the various pistols, and figure out what you have.

Are All Glock 26 Generation (2,3,4) Slides Able To Fit On Any Generation Lower?

Yes. As long as you don’t switch the mag release to a lefty or ambidextrous position.

How Does Glock 26 Compare In Size With Glock 29?

The 29 is referred to as a “subcompact,” but in actuality, it is similar in size to a 19/23 compact. The 26 will be much less than that.

Which extensions would be perfect for the G26?

The G19 extension would fit alright!

Is the thickness of a 26 noticeable vs a 43X?

It would be 10 times more noticeable.


The Glock 26 shoots accurately and effectively. In my opinion, a G26 is a great choice. Do not be afraid to purchase it seeing the Glock 26 Problems in various forum.

Most of the issues can get resolved pretty easily. And you can see the craze people have over it from the users’ opinions. So don’t wait and just go for it!

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