Glock 19X Problems that New Buyers Should Know About

The Glock 19X fits the niche of a Commander size 1911. It is the ideal length for an IWB holster made of nice leather or a Blackhawk Size 6 to fit snugly.

I know how difficult it is to resist the charms of the 19X. But it is not spared from notorious issues! The most common problems with the Glock 19X are: finish problems, jamming issue, magazine issues, trigger problem and ejecting issues.

In this article, you will find the fix to these problems. Additionally, you will find what the users currently experience with this product. Read the entire article to find out!

Features & Specifications of Glock 19X:

Barrel Length102 mm
Magazine CapacityStandard: 17 Optional: 19 / 24 / 31 / 33
Overall Length189 mm
SightsGlock night sights
SafetySafe Action
Dimensions Width (Overall): 33 mm Height incl.Mag.: 139 mm
WeightWith empty magazine: 704 g
Trigger Pull26 N
Common Glock 19X Problems and Solutions
Glock 19X

Common Glock 19X Problems and Solutions

Finish ProblemsGrease and troubleshoot.
Jamming IssueGrease and troubleshoot
Magazine IssuesUse proper magazines and troubleshoot.
Trigger ProblemPolish trigger and troubleshoot.
Ejecting IssuesReplace the broken ejector and clean the gun.

Finish Problems

The 19X’s slide has a “mottled” appearance. There are numerous

Finish Problems
Finish Problems

After 250+ rounds, the barrel may begin to wear.

Possible Reasons

The newer models’ decorative finish is not long-lasting.

The longevity and corrosion resistance of the metal treatments are also questionable.

The updated finish features DLC (Stands for Diamond Like Carbon).

The Fix

The Glock Marksman Barrel outperforms all of its predecessors functionally. Gen 5 and 19X barrels are all nDLC finished and will show cosmetic “wear” quickly due to two equally “hard” surfaces interacting with one another.

It takes longer for some of the gen 3 and gen 4 nitriding on the barrels to appear “worn.”

The nitriding, metal treatment, and DLC/PVD coating share some, but not all, of the same capabilities.

To increase reliability earlier in a firearm’s lifespan, switching to a slick coating is the right decision.

Jamming Issue

The 19X turns into a jam-o-matic after firing at least 100 rounds. It happens

Jamming Issue
Jamming Issue

Possible Reasons

Recoil spring stiffness and slide cycling speed could both be issues. Additionally, Glock doesn’t lubricate their weapons before sending them out.

The Fix

Shoot more bullets through the weapon. Glock adds anti-seize to the gun before sending them. It needs to be taken out and the gun lubricated before use.

Grease the rails, the striker catch, the lower surface of the firing pin block where it meets the trigger bar, the spring assembly, and the area under the barrel.

Check for other issues too.

Magazine Issues

With some specific magazines, the Glock’s slide stop locks back on the 18th round every time. 

Possible Reasons

Black Friday 19X mags, Magpul mags etc have these issues.

The broken spring coil of the magazine due to the gun and magazine physiology may also be the issue.

Having a thumb resting on the slide release button may be another issue. Additionally, the slide stop lever could be torn.

The Fix

Start by checking the spring and slide stop lever. If the slide stop lever is worn, replace it.

While the 19-round magazines have 11 coil springs, the 19X 17-round magazines only have 10.

Recently, the 11-coil 33601 has taken the place of the 11-coil 2551. Make certain that the spring you are buying matches the number.

Keep the gun and magazines clean at all times.

Trigger Problem

The 19X might have the dirtiest, heaviest trigger feel sometimes.

Possible Reasons

If you forget to put the Trigger Housing pin back in, it might be the issue. The RSA may be problematic as well.

The Fix

Perform a trigger polishing and perhaps some spring reductions.

Users were told to set the trigger for all Generation 5 Glocks in the forward position before reinstalling the slide during the 2018’s Glock Armorer’s course.

This focused on the Generation 5 Glocks. It is a little harder and you might experience some resistance if the trigger is pulled back.

Moving it forward will make the trigger easier to control.

Ejecting Issues

The 19X may suddenly fail to extract with the ejector failing.

Possible Reasons

Possible causes include:

  • Damaged or broken ejector
  • extractor claw broken or clogged
  • low-powered ammunition
  • filthy, sticky gun chamber
  • Shooting with the wrist unlocked and without lubrication
  • The RSA may be compromised.

The Fix

You definitely need to clean and lubricate your gun regularly. Broken parts like the ejector should be replaced.

The ejector is part number 47201. Magazine springs or RSA may need to be replaced too.

User Feedback on Glock 19X

In many ways, the Glock 19X is unique. Some examples to start with are the color, night sights, and 19-round magazines.

Nevertheless, some users object to the appeal of the shorter slide. The long grip and short slide make no sense for carrying.

Their performance, though, is second to none. The Gen 5s in particular hit it out of the park. Additionally, it may be superior to a Glock 17 for IWB appendix.

 Users favor the balance, trigger, and capacity of the gun over other regular Glocks. Surprisingly, the Glock 19X outperforms the Glock 34 Gen 4, Glock 17 Gen 4, Glock 30, Glock 19 Gen 4, and the Glock 34 Gen 4 in a timed match using IDPA targets.

The gun has an average finish. Its not prone to wear too frequently. Additionally, it makes the ideal host gun for a suppressor.

It makes for a nice flat shooting pistol for some reason thanks to the full grip and lighter, faster cycling slide. Despite the issue sI mentioned in this article, it’s overall an amazing gun!

Top 3 Alternative Guns of Glock 19X

Based on comparing the specs, features, practicality, and performance, I have found the 3 best alternatives to Glock 19X. 

Sig P320 M18

This Sig and the Glock 19X went head-to-head for the MHS contract. Each had very similar performances and other factors, according to the GAO. Its trigger is a PRO factor in this case!

Glock 43X

Given that the G43X has a lower profile than the G19X, it is also easier and more comfortable to conceal while still maintaining the G19’s dependability and manual.

CZ P10c

Although this makes it to the list, it is quite similar in performance with the G19X. Regarding holster options and other aspects, the Glock has a vastly greater amount of support.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the difference between Glock 19X and Glock 45 magazine?

It’s the same magazine, only the base plate is different.

What is the worst ammo for a Glock 19X?

Freedom Munitions ammo. They have been reported again and again to fail in a Glock 19X.

Can you pocket carry Glock 19X?


When did the Glock 19X come out?

January 2018.

Can you dry-fire the Glock 19X?

Yes. But use a snap cap or dummy round.


The Glock 19X feels dependable. It is a complete joy to shoot and perfectly fits your hand! You’ll adore the cross between the 19 and the 17, a wonderful combination!

This also makes up for the G45! The backstrap swell doesn’t bother you nearly as much as it does on the full-size Gen 3 and Gen 4 finger groove guns.

Additionally, the balance feels perfect. The trigger is also exceptionally crisp for a Glock. I would definitely recommend this gun!

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