Common CZ Reaper Magnum Problems and Solutions

Hunters all over the world have found success with the CZ Reaper Magnum. It is the most adaptable turkey gun on the market, as it can use state-of-the-art optics and ammo to reliably engage gobblers at greater distances than a traditional shotgun can.

However, it has its share of issues. The most common issues with the CZ Reaper Magnum are barrel issues, double firing, safety issues, firing issues, and patterning issues. 

In this article, you will learn about possible reasons for the CZ Reaper Magnum problems and fixes for these problems. So, let’s get started.

Features & Specifications of CZ Reaper Magnum:

Capacity2+1 rounds
Caliber12 GA
Product weight7 lbs.
Product length44.25 inches
Barrel length26 inches
Max Shell Length3.5 in
CZ Reaper Magnum Problems
CZ Reaper Magnum

Common CZ Reaper Magnum Problems and Solutions

Barrel IssueTroubleshoot. Contact CZ.
Double firingReload and lean on the gun. Smoothly pull the trigger, then release it.
Safety IssueContact CZ.
Firing IssueTroubleshoot.
Patterning IssueContact CZ.

1. Barrel Issues

The alignment of the barrels could be a more serious problem for CZ. The upper and lower barrels do not even line up; instead, they go in different directions.

There are two potential problems with a double barrel. First, the barrels may not be aligned. There is a possibility that one or both of the chokes are threaded incorrectly.

Second, Insufficient quality control during production results in defective goods, a lack of a Reaper model with parallel barrels, or both.

The Fix:

If you own a Reaper Magnum, I suggest giving it a test fire to ensure proper barrel alignment since this could be a major issue.

Contact CZ for new barrels. But many users mentioned the poor customer service of CZ. You can visit a local gunsmith for any queries.

2. Double Firing

The CZ Reaper Magnum’s barrel selector is rather flimsy, and it has a tendency to fire twice. It uses a continuous double-fire mode.

It could have been operator error, especially if you were not leaning into the rifle and keeping it firmly on your shoulder. You could have accidentally fired a rapid fan-fire, which many shooters mistake for “doubling”.

If you were not used to shooting that gun, held it loosely, and did not practice good trigger management.

The Fix:

Reload with the same bullets and lean heavily into the gun to see if that helps. When you do shoot, be sure to pull the trigger smoothly and quickly remove your finger from the trigger.

3. Safety Issue

CZ has discovered a possible safety issue with the CZ 600 bolt-action rifles that could cause harm to the user.

The only reason behind this issue is the mismanagement in the quality control department of CZ.

The Fix:

Contact CZ for this problem. They will solve the safety issue with your gun.  

4. Firing Issues

The CZ over/under shotgun only fires from one of the barrels at a time. It is possible that the cocking lever has become damaged in some way.

When opening the gun after dry firing either one or both barrels, you should feel the tension in the spring. If it simply opens by itself, it is not cocking.

The Fix:

Try removing the stock and looking at the components on the inside. They are relatively straightforward, and one does not need the training of an engineer to understand how the lock mechanism operates.

5. Patterning Issues

From top barrel to bottom, the POI is off by a large margin while patterning. It has been said that the lower barrel is 15 inches or more off target at 40 yards.

No one but turkey hunters would ever pattern their shots in this way, so it is hard to say if this is a common problem with field firearms in general.

The Fix:

Contact CZ for this problem. Send your firearm to them, they will troubleshoot the problem.

User Feedback on CZ Reaper Magnum

The Reaper Magnum is an outstanding and highly adaptable turkey gun, and the majority of its users are satisfied. On the other hand, it is not totally free of issues.

According to one satisfied customer, this was a fantastic buy for him. In terms of an over/under bird pistol, the CZ Reaper Magnum is everything he could have hoped for. The stunning bird has helped him bag both turkey and quail.

The firearm, according to another user, is extremely light. An extra buttstock absorber was installed to deal with the tremendous jolt. The latch engages, but the lever doesn’t go back to its central position. The pattern has satisfied him, and he plans to put it to good use during turkey season.

Though the majority of the people have shown satisfaction on different forums and groups, there are still people who have faced issues while handling this, Reaper Magnum.

One of the users experienced problems with the shotgun’s barrels, which were misaligned and divergent. He also complained about the CZ’s terrible customer service.

Top 3 Alternative Guns of CZ Reaper Magnum

Browning Cynergy

The 12-gauge and 20-gauge Browning Cynergy Over/Under shotguns are incredibly unique. Models of Cynergy CX combine a 60/40 point of impact (POI) with a light, agile feel to satisfy the most demanding shooters.

It is also an over/under shotgun from CZ, having the same capacity as the Reaper Magnum. It is the only over/under in our range with an automatic safety. It activates when the action is opened, adding safety to the duck blind.

CZ Redhead Premier

The CZ Redhead Premier is made for smaller shooters, with a 24-inch barrel and a 13-inch length of pull in 20 gauge.

The Redhead is also an over/under action shotgun from CZ like the Reaper Magnum. The main difference between the Redhead and the Reaper Magnum is the size of the caliber.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the price of the CZ Reaper Magnum? 

The price of the CZ Reaper Magnum is an MSRP of $1,079.

Is the CZ Reaper Magnum a side-by-side shotgun?

No, the CZ Reaper Magnum is an over/under-action shotgun.

What is the magazine capacity of CZ Reaper Magnum?

The magazine capacity of CZ Reaper Magnum is 2 rounds.

How many choke tubes does the Reaper Magnum have?

The Reaper Magnum has six extended interchangeable choke tubes.


As thoroughly as possible, I have discussed CZ Reaper Magnum problems, their causes, and solutions.

However, the offered solutions may not be sufficient to address the problems you are experiencing. In such situations, it is preferable to talk with a gunsmith or submit the revolver to CZ.

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