5 Beretta Pico Problems You Should Know

The Beretta Pico is well known to be one of the thinnest .380 semi-auto handguns on the market. It is only 18mm wide. That should give you an idea about how thin it is.

However, there are quite a few Beretta Pico problems that cause it to have a mixed reception among the masses. But some of these problems are not as major as one might think. However, it is pretty easy to get your Beretta Pico problems fixed.

The most prevalent among these problems is the broken firing pin. Some other issues include ejection issues, stiff slides, and feeding failure of the magazines.

But before we delve further into some of the Beretta Pico problems that stain its reputation, let’s talk about some of its features.

Features & Specifications of the Beretta Pico:

Beretta Pico Specs
Cartridge.380 ACP
Capacity6 Rounds
Barrel Length2.7 Inches
Weight11.5 Ounces (Unloaded)
Length5.1 Inches
Width0.725 Inches
Height4 Inches
SafetySlide-Release Lever (No Manual Safety)
SightsThree Dot Sight
Common Beretta Pico Problems
Beretta Pico

Common Beretta Pico Problems and Solutions

Looking at this list of problems might get you worried about your Pico. But worry not. I will also brief you on the details of Beretta Pico troubleshooting now.

Quick Overview of the Problems and Solutions

Beretta Pico ProblemsSolutions
Broken Firing PinBuying a replacement firing pin
Ejection ProblemsUsing powerful ammo and/or breaking in the gun
Stiff SlidesGetting a spring upgrade from Beretta
Trigger Reset IssueRepairs from Beretta
Feeding FailureManipulating the magazines

1. Broken Firing Pin:

Among all of the problems regarding the Beretta Pico, the broken firing pin is the most notorious one. It also has a higher frequency amongst all of the complaints that one can find online regarding the Pico.

It might be due to the stiffness of the springs used in the older models of the Beretta Pico. However, it is only a speculation and not a proven fact. Dry firing is also not recommended.


Beretta Pico Firing Pin
Beretta Pico Firing Pin

The solution is quite simple but requires you to spend a few dollars. You have to buy another firing pin for the Beretta Pico (Fig 1).

However, it is strictly recommended that the new firing pin be installed by a professional. Make sure the firing pin is original and made for the Beretta Pico.

But, if this is a recurring issue for your Pico, you can check on this website whether your Pico is eligible for a spring upgrade or not by putting in the serial number of your Pico pistol.

Getting a spring upgrade might eliminate this issue if it was a recurring problem for your gun.

2. Ejection Problems:

This can be a common problem among many guns when they are still relatively brand new. In the case of the Beretta Pico, sometimes the slide doesn’t always cycle rearwards enough to eject the spent case.

The problem can be caused due to using weaker ammo, such as target ammunition. As opposed to powerful ammo such as defense rounds. Which are far more compatible with the Beretta Pico.


So, to solve this issue you can either use powerful defense ammunition full-time. Or use defense ammunition for a prolonged period to properly break in the gun, and then move on to target rounds.

As the Beretta Pico is rated for +P rounds, it should not cause any problems for the gun. Instead, it is advised to use powerful ammo. Especially when using it for concealed carry.

The Hornady Critical Defense 380 auto ammo can be a great choice for the Beretta Pico.

3. Stiff Slides:

Several users have spoken up about their discomfort due to the stiffness of the springs and how hard it is to pull the slide back.

The older models of the Beretta Pico, to be more specific, the ones before 2015 had a significantly heavier recoil spring equipped. Which made them pretty hard to be used for some users.


As discussed earlier, Beretta made an upgrade to their springs starting in 2015.

They used a lighter recoil spring to allow the slide to be retracted easier and a lighter trigger spring which reduced the trigger pull by 10%. Thus, getting a spring upgrade will make the slides easier to pull.

However, if unluckily you are not eligible for the upgrade, you can try another method.

You could lock the slide back while keeping the magazines filled and leaving it like this for a prolonged period.

Or, go to the range and put a few hundred “+P” ammo through it to properly break in the gun.

4. Trigger Reset Issue:

This is a pretty rare problem for the Beretta Pico. But there has been evidence of such cases. Such as this one.

In this type of issue, the trigger fails to reset after firing a round. And if the trigger does not reset, you cannot fire a new round. This defeats the purpose of a semi-auto handgun.


First of all, get the upgraded springs and clean your gun properly. If the issue persists, it is advised to contact Beretta about it as this is a rare case.

Sending the gun to Beretta for repairs is the best option in this scenario.

5. Feeding Failure:

Sometimes the bullet might get caught on the edge of the magazine. Creating a failure to feed the bullets into the gun.


If you look closely at the edge of the ammo-filled magazine, you can see that there is not enough clearance for the new round to be fed into the gun.

So, in such a case, you could modify the magazine edges a little bit to make them slightly wider. For a visual reference, you could follow this Youtuber who demonstrates the issue and the solution.

User Feedback on Beretta Pico

Sadly, the reputation of the Beretta Pico is greatly debated. It has mixed reviews from users. Some express their frustration towards the little firearm, while some express their love for it.

One user on the official Beretta Pico page commented that the firing pin on his Pico broke and Beretta failed to provide him with satisfactory customer service.

Another user on the Highroad was upset about how hard it is to pull the slides due to the springs being very stiff. Especially because he bought it for his wife, who found it extremely difficult to operate due to this.

On one AR15 forum, a user stated that his Beretta Pico has never had a misfiring issue. He also mentioned the spring upgrade from Beretta could help with issues regarding misfires.

One user created a thread on Texas Gun Talk, where he spoke about his trigger reset issues on the Beretta Pico, where the trigger was failing to reset after one shot.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does the Beretta Pico have manual safety?


What ammo does a Beretta Pico use?

.380 ACP.

What is the maximum firing range of the Beretta Pico?

300 meters.

Is the Beretta Pico striker-fired?

No, it is not striker-fired.

What is the trigger action type of the Beretta Pico?

Double Action Only (DAO).


Although the Beretta Pico problems might be a deal-breaker for many, it is certainly possible that you will not run into any of these during your ownership of the gun. As there are many happy customers of the Pico.

But if you already are an owner of the Pico and have run into an issue, feel free to contact Beretta about it. Given the situation, they may provide you with a fix, free of charge.

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