6 Smith and Wesson EZ 9mm Problems You Should Know Before Buying

The Smith and Wesson EZ 9mm is a specifically designed, user-friendly semi-auto handgun. Smith and Wesson worked to make the slide and magazine of the EZ 9mm easy to rack and load, in addition to making it straightforward and secure to handle.

There are certain shortcomings with this gun, though.

Feeding failure, tight slide, faulty rear sight, hard to move the magazine, faulty grip safety, and jammed trigger are some common Smith and Wesson EZ 9mm problems.

I’ll discuss the most frequent Smith and Wesson EZ 9mm issues in this article. Now let’s look at a few of this gun’s features and qualities.

 Features & Specifications of Smith and Wesson EZ 9mm Gun:

Smith and Wesson EZ 9mm Specs
Cartridge9mm Luger
Capacity8+1 Rounds
Barrel Length3.8 Inches
Weight23.2 Ounces or 657.70 Grams
Length7.0 Inches
ActionSingle Action with Internal Hammer Fired
SafetyGrip Safety, Thumb Safety
SightsHI-VIZ Litewave H3 Tritium/Litepipe
Common Smith and Wesson EZ 9mm Problems and Solutions
Smith and Wesson EZ 9mm

Common Smith and Wesson EZ 9mm Problems and Solutions

Problems with Smith and Wesson EZ 9mmSolutions
Failure to FeedThoroughly clean the feed lip and feed ramp.
Ridiculously Tight SlideCheck and appropriately read the grip function, or return it to the company.
Rear Sight IssuesPush the driving handle.
Hard to Load the MagazineSmack it hard or use uplula.
Faulty Grip SafetyChange the grip or switch to a rubber grip.
Trigger JammingExamine the other ammo and clean the gun.

1. Failure to Feed:

Some consumers are concerned about the pistol’s feeding problems. While firing, the cartridge occasionally became jammed about halfway through the magazine.

The rough ramp can be the root of the issue. Additionally, short-stroking may occur if the ammunition is too flimsy.

The rough feed lips could occasionally be the problem. This problem may arise from infrequent cleaning.

 Failure to Feed
Failure to Feed

The Fix:

Cleaning the pistol thoroughly should be the first step in the repair process. Specifically, clean the gun’s ramp.

The problem may be lessened and the cartridge might function more smoothly with a thorough cleaning of the ramp.

Verify that the feed lip has been cleaned appropriately. Try switching out several ammunition types for the gun to determine the most suitable one.

2. Ridiculously Tight Slide:

The gun’s slide release lever is absurdly difficult to operate. The shooter must use excessive power to fire the weapon. It’s difficult to shoot because of the tight slide; the majority of rounds miss.

The malfunctioning grip safety may be the reason. The slide might become stuck if the grip safety does not function correctly.

The Fix:

This may help the problem if you first remove your hand from the grip safety before disassembly. Try to carefully read the instructions and the grip safety’s functions.

The slide stop should be used as a slide release, according to the instruction manual. If there is no improvement, return it to the company.

3. Rear Sight Issues:

The pistol’s rear sight is challenging to adjust. The rear sight usually does not center properly, which is an inherent issue.

The hand pressure alone does not enable it to adjust. The wrench also fails occasionally.

The Fix:

If you have a bit driver equipped with the appropriate hex bit, try pressing the driver handle while applying pressure with a tiny hammer.

It might be challenging to fix this on your own if you lack the necessary expertise. Therefore, try to heed advice from a professional or your local gunsmith.

4. Hard to Load the Magazine:

The Smith and Wesson EZ 9mm pistol’s magazine is the gun’s most frequent problem.

After a few rounds, it becomes very challenging to return the magazine to its original position, or it’s just very challenging to rack the magazine.

The recoil spring may be the reason for this issue because the heavy recoil spring on this type of pistol causes the problem.

The Fix:

A strong whack can resolve the problem right away, but this is not a long-term remedy.

While you wait to return to the range, fill the mag and leave it there. You can dodge the issue a little bit as it starts to ease.

To get around this problem, you may alternatively utilize a magazine loader. Uplula is used by professionals and is well-known among users. You can get it from the online based Bass Pro Shops market.

5. Faulty Grip Safety:

The grip safety on the gun’s beaver tail has a sharp point on top that makes using the gun uncomfortable.

Beginners find it challenging to shoot because of this problem, which also requires the shooter to apply additional pressure to the grip for the pistol to fire.

The Fix:

You may alter the grip or add a rubber grip on it to help alleviate the issue.

This problem can also be lessened by practicing shooting and growing comfortable with the grip.

Try using your shooting hand to push a bit while using your support hand to pull a little.

6. Trigger Jamming:

After firing a few bullets, several customers claimed that the trigger occasionally sticks or jams. Additionally, the trigger might occasionally jam halfway back or stop working altogether.

An inappropriate bullet or defective ammo may cause this. This problem can often be brought on by infrequent cleaning.

The Fix:

Before firing, make an effort to routinely clean the gun. Additionally, try looking through several ammunition types to find the appropriate one that will feed smoothly into the pistol.

Contact the company to send it back if this does not resolve the issue.

User Feedback on Smith and Wesson EZ 9mm

The Smith and Wesson EZ 9mm is specifically made for shooters and is meant as a concealed carry and/or home defense choice. It is well known that this single-action pistol is compact and pleasant to hold.

On the Gun University website, you can read a comprehensive evaluation of the Smith and Wesson EZ 9mm.

On the Smith and Wesson Forum, you can see that the pistol is owned by many satisfied consumers.

The Smith and Wesson EZ 9mm have also drawn a lot of criticism. On the Smith and Wesson Forum, some condemnation about the pistol may be found.

Top 3 Alternative Guns of Smith and Wesson EZ 9mm

Here are some best alternatives for the Smith and Wesson EZ 9mm:

Browning Hi-Power 9mm
– It is a pistol with a single-action, semi-automatic trigger.
– Can frequently be cocked and dry-fired.
– Two rowed magazines, made of cast metal.

Glock 34
– Features a lengthy slide and a wide gap between the sights.
– Very precise for a combat handgun.
– Perfect for target shooting, airsoft activity, and as a training instrument.

Sig Sauer P226X5
-Can be fired semi-automatically for self-defense.
-Developed for bulls-eye and other centerfire pistol contests.
-Has ergonomic wood grips and front strap serrations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the pull of the trigger on the Smith and Wesson EZ 9mm pistol?

The trigger pulls at around 4.5 pounds.

How much does a Smith and Wesson EZ 9mm cost?


What is the Smith and Wesson EZ 9mm pistol’s grip angle?

The grip angle is 18° for the natural point of aim.

What kind of construction and finishing does the Smith and Wesson EZ 9mm slide have?

This pistol’s slide is constructed of stainless steel with an Armornite finish.

What grain works best with the Smith and Wesson EZ 9mm pistol?

Both JHP and FMJ variants in the grain range of 115 to 147 perform best.

How well-suited is the Smith and Wesson EZ 9mm for dry firing?

You can dry fire without any problems, and it would be best if you did it infrequently.


The Smith and Wesson EZ 9mm single-action gun is a fantastic option for beginners and semi-professionals due to its excellent specifications.

I’ve outlined some of the most frequent problems with this weapon in this article. Follow my advice in the letter to get your Smith and Wesson EZ 9mm fixed.

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