Remington 750 Problems that New Buyers Should Know About

The Remington 750s in 308 carbine syn stocks are attractive, portable, and light rifles. They are supposed to solve the 7400’s consistent malfunction with high-powered bullets.

The most common problems with the Remington 750 are: magazine problems, jamming issues, trigger issues, and cycling issues.

After reading this article, you will understand the solution to each of these issues. Additionally, you will learn how users feel about the gun. So, stay tuned!

Features & Specifications of Remington 750:

  • Action: Gas-operated semi-automatic
  • Caliber: .243, .308, .270 Win,.30-06, .35 Whelen.
  • Product weight: 7.25-7.5 lbs.
  • Product length: 39.1/ 42.6 inches.
  • Capacity: 4 rounds
  • Stock: Satin walnut or synthetic with recoil pad.
  • Finish: Blued.
  • Barrel length: 18.5/22 inches                 
Remington 750 Problems
Remington 750

Common Remington 750 Problems and Solutions

Magazine ProblemsReplace with a new magazine, clean the magazine and chambers.
Jamming IssueTroubleshoot with high-power ammo.
Trigger IssueReplace the trigger spring.
Cycling IssueKeep the gun chamber clean, replace the magazine springs, use high-power ammo.

Magazine Problems

There may be feeding problems in the magazine. In this case, the ammo fails to get inserted into the magazine.

The lug on the bottom of the bolt deeply gouges the shoulder of the cartridge in the magazine. Especially when there is a cartridge on the right side of the magazine (one or three cartridges in the mag).

And the bolt attempts to cycle back, either manually or as a result of a fired cartridge, causing a malfunction.  

The Fix

Feeding problems occur due to the collection of dirt in the magazine. They need to be cleaned properly.

When comes to gouging of the cartridges, it is a common factory defect. Replace the magazines with aftermarket ones. It is better to skip Remington magazines. For example, Triple K magazines from Midwest Gunworks, etc.

Jamming Issue

Many owners report jams with these guns. The first shot fires well. After a while, the cartridge will jam 4 out of 5 times. The gun’s slide does not move back far enough to either expel the spent shell or pick up the following cartridge.

Occasionally the gun forgets to reset the firing pin causing ejecting issues.

The Fix

The extractor groove dimensions on their brass have a quality control issue.

Additionally, they have a POS extractor that always breaks when it’s least expected and costs a lot to replace.

Coils on the main spring must be removed until the issue is fixed. It’s not ideal, though.

The rear of the casing’s lip gets broken off by the extractor, leaving the casing stuck in the chamber. You can try replacing the extractor.

Possibly test out other ammo as well. Run CCI for a few hundred rounds with semi-auto.22s because they seem to have more punch for cycling.

Trigger Issue

The Remington Woodsmaster 750’s factory setting features an extremely hefty and protracted trigger pull. They are awful, creepy as hell, and very heavy. For accurate hunting, that’s too much.

The Fix

The trigger group installation on these is a little challenging for beginners. The trigger can be improved, but a professional gunsmith should handle this!

These triggers are worked on by gunsmiths on Gunbroker. Spring products are offered by Brownells.

Although it is secure and dependable, it was never intended to be a match trigger. That being said, the only thing that can really be done safely to reduce the pull is to switch to a lighter trigger spring.

Cycling Problem

The Remington 750s are notorious for having unclean chambers. This result in ammo not cycling in the gun.

The Fix

Thoroughly clean the entire rifle with extra emphasis on the chamber. Remington, Hornady, and Federal ammo can be used but high-power ones.

Also, replace the magazine springs. If you frequently clean, oil, and check that the gas ports are clear, the cycling problem will not occur.

User Feedback on Remington 750

Most users who own this rifle have a constant headache. The 750 is pricey, heavy, and only intended for hunting with a maximum of two or three quick shots.

There were numerous issues with the older 7400 series. As intended, the 750’s have not provided a solution to those problems.

A bolt rifle is a far superior option. Consider the 7600 series pumps if the rapid fire is a problem. These are significantly more accurate, dependable, and lightweight.

The Browning BAR is 10 times more reliable than the 750 will ever be. Having said that, I also don’t like how less accurate the BARs are. Some shoot horribly, as in 2-3 MOA. The 750, however, offers a more reliable ammo feed.

Overall, you may be gambling on good performance if you get this rifle.

Top 3 Alternative Guns of Remington 750

Based on comparing the specs, features, practicality, and performance, I have found the 3 best alternatives to Remington 750. 

Winchester SXR

Some claim that it is the same firearm as the Browning. The rifle looks the same as a Browning Bar.

It has wonderful wood and blueing. Fans of autoloaders will give it a try. It handles and shoots pretty well too.

Browning BAR

A BAR is unbeatable. It would be the best choice if you have your heart set on a semi-auto hunting rifle.

This rifle has no recoil in .308 calibers. The Browning will retain value as well as any other high-demand rifle on the market.

Remington 7600

Everyone appears to adore the 760 pumps. The fit and finish are excellent, and it shoots with MOA groups quite well. It is significantly more dependable and, in my opinion, generally more accurate than the 750.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are there any aftermarket extended magazines for Remington 750?

Not exclusively. The ones for the 7400 series should work in them.

What is the difference between Remington 750 and 740?

The front stock is more ergonomic and comes with swivel studs for a sling.

Do they make the 10-round mags for the Remington 750?

Yes, they make the 10-round mags, the same ones work as they do in a 7400.

What does the gas operating system on a Remington 750 do?

Remington claims that it reduces the recoil of the rifle.

Which cartridges can the Remington 750 Woodmaster use?

It uses the .25, .30, .32, and .35 Remington cartridges.

What is the stock material on a Remington 750 Woodmaster?

The stock and fore-end of the Woodsmaster are more conventionally made of walnut.

What is the grip on a Remington 750?

The gun comes with a custom black pistol grip.


The 750 represents the most recent version of Remington’s autoloading hunter. Yet, it still has some of the same issues as its forerunners. Such as weak extraction made worse by a dirty chamber.

Keeping the chamber clean is one of the things you must do if you own one. That ineffective extractor won’t be able to successfully draw the metal out if it tries to stick.

In my opinion, you should steer clear of this the Remington 750 rifles.

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