CZ 912 Shotgun Problems That New Buyers Are Probably Not Aware Of

CZ shotguns are known for reliability that come in beautiful wooden stocks. However, CZ 912 may show some serious issues occasionally.

Over time, CZ 912 shows cycling issues, extraction issues, problems regarding jamming and so on. Most of them are not hard to deal with but can be easily fixed.

This article will discuss the common CZ 912 shotgun problems and provide remedies to get the shotgun running smoothly.

Features & Specifications of CZ 912:

  • Length of pull: 14.3”
  • Frame: Alluminium
  • Product length: 49”
  • Capacity: 4+1 rounds
  • Weight: 7.3 lbs
  • Barrel length:28”, Chrome lined
  • Finish: Black Chrome
  • Stock: Turkish Walnut
CZ 912 Shotgun Problems
CZ 912 Shotgun

Common CZ 912 Shotgun Problems and Solutions

Doesn’t pattern properlyAdjust to give the gun more cast off and less drop at the heel.
Cycling IssueBreak in the shotgun with heavy loads a bit more.
Failure to ExtractReplace the O-ring.
Jamming ProblemReplace the shell stop.

1. Doesn’t Pattern

Gun fitting is a practice that changes the point of impact to fit the style and mount to the preference of the shooter.

This particular model has some patterning issues. After pattering with every load combination and choke tube the gun patterns are 3” low and 3” left.

Some of the units only patterned 2” left and 60/40 high. But that is within the 3” factory specs for a pattern.

The Fix

The point of impact is dependent on gun fit. Patterning left and low means that the gun needs more cast off and less drop at the heel.

An IC choke will make up the difference in the pattern.

Changing the barrel would solve the problem but CZ shotguns must be hand fitted for the barrel.

If the shotgun is shooting a 20/80 pattern, at 40 yards it’ll shoot 9” low. That is a defective gun you should consider getting a replacement with an RMA.

2. Cycling Issue

Cycling is a common issue with every firearm. Especially ones that have been bought for not very long.

Sometimes semi-auto shotguns after shooting the first round aren’t able to cycle the second round very consistently. The bolt gets stuck back not locked and the bolt handle needs to be pushed to get it unstuck.

The Fix

The fix is very easy. New firearms need to be broken in before they can operate smoothly. It occurs when the shotgun is loaded at capacity.

Take 4-5 boxes of 3¼ dram federal target loads since those are heavy loads and shoot them to break it in.

If that doesn’t help then open up the shotgun, clean it properly and lube the parts, especially the bolt so that it doesn’t stick.

3. Failure to Extract

According to my study, a lot of users have reported that they had encountered the FTE (failure to extract) problem with this model.

With heavy loads there is no problem, but the lighter the loads the more problems they ran into.

The Fix

Take the gun apart. If you are new to this refer to this video on how to disassemble the CZ 912.

Remove the bolt assembly. Now loot at the O ring in the barrel lug. Stove piping is caused by the bolt not cycling back, before starting and reloading cycle.

A nicked o ring can also cause this issue. If the o ring has degraded, contact CZ and ask for a new o ring. After they send it to you, simply replace the degraded o ring with the new one and that should get rid of the ejecting issue.

4. Jamming Problem

Almost every firearm in its lifetime encounters jamming issues. From the trigger to the bolt pin or the chamber it gets jammed.

In this instance, the shell is stuck inside the chamber and won’t come out or cycle.

This can be a result of not cleaning the gun regularly or lube deficiency. Another good reason is a busted-up shell stop on the magazine tube.

The Fix

Cleaning and Lubing can help to solve this problem. But a lot of the time a part inside the gun breaking is the cause and cleaning won’t solve it.

The shell stop keeps shells in the tube until the slide is moved to release them. If it gets broken then the result is that the shell is stuck inside the receiver and it’s almost impossible to get it out.

Contact CZ to send you a replacement shell stop and shell interrupter. Replace them and that quickly solves the jamming issue.

User Feedback on CZ 912

Customer Feedback on the Stoeger STR-9 is mixed with a lot of negative comments for it being manufactured by a Turkish company.

Most of the users have said that the cycling issue with light loads is very annoying and they had to switch to heavy loads permanently.

Users who bought the earlier units have all complained about how pattering is very hard and even after they get it right it’s at best 60/40 high with 2” low shots.

However, CZ has known about this issue and issued replacements to the ones with pattern problems.

Very few users were satisfied with the product and had no issues whatsoever. But the majority encountered problems that even CZ wasn’t able to fix.

You can read a detailed review and comments here on

Top 3 Alternative Guns of CZ 912

By analyzing specifications, features, practicality, and performance, I have determined the three best alternatives to the CZ 912.

Beretta 3901

This model is probably the top contender against the CZ 912. The Beretta 3901 is a long-proven design and will serve smoothly for thousands of rounds.

Silver Eagle Sporter SE

The Silver Eagle Sporter SE is very similar to the CZ 912 as far as the mechanism is concerned.

Remington 11-87

These two shotguns have nearly identical performance reviews with the only exception being that CZ 912 will not break your bank and Remington 11-87 will. Almost double the price of the CZ 912.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best CZ shotgun?

CZ’s 1012. It is a versatile field gun that will also double as a clay crusher. It is of remarkable value, and the design and ergonomics are very good.

Where are CZ shotguns made?

The Czech Republic. They employ 2500 in their massive manufacturing facility.

Does CZ own Colt?

Yes. They acquired Cold Holding Company for $220 million on 11 February 2021.

What chokes do CZ shotguns use?

A nonstandard bore version of Rem Chokes. The bore is based on a .735 diameter and not the standard .730 that is used for the Remington style.


Those are my findings and thoughts on the Cz 912 shotgun problems.

It is a very good option for the budget and will perform adequately. But if you encounter any of the issues mentioned above, try the fixes included and you should have nothing to worry about.

I have tried to describe the problems and offer solutions to the CZ 912 shotgun as clearly as possible.

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