6 Rock Island 10mm Problems You Should Know About

The RIA 10mm guns come with a variety of distinguishing features, including exceptional durability, ergonomics, and accuracy. Their user-friendly ergonomics, high-quality construction, exceptional accuracy, dependability, and reasonable pricing make it an excellent choice for anybody searching for a self-defense handgun.

With Rock Island 10mm guns, you will also have to face problems like a heavy weight, slide lock, sharp edge, jamming, and ejector issues. But don’t worry, in this piece, I’ll go into depth about the common Rock Island 10mm problems and their solutions. But first, let’s go through the specifications.

Features & Specifications of Rock Island 10mm:

GripBlack/white G10
Weight46.8 oz
Capacity8+1 rounds
SightWhite dot adjustable rear, fiber-optic front  
Trigger pull5.75lbs 
Rock Island 10mm Problems
Rock Island 10mm Problems

Common Rock Island 10mm Problems and Solutions

Weighs heavyUse lightweight loads
Recoil spring issueReplace with a stronger one
The slide won’t lockCheck gas block screw and recoil spring
Sharp edgesUse stone to soften the edges
JammingTry different combinations of magazine/ammunition/extractor
Ejection issueChange magazine, replace extractor

1. Weighs Heavy

Guns are heavy because they must retain the power of the powder on fire in the chamber, as well as the huge loads in the barrel owing to the propellant and friction of the bullet going through it.

Then there’s the matter of the weight of the ammunition. A fully loaded magazine accounts for a significant portion of the weight of a handgun, accounting for around 20% of the overall weight.

The Fix:

There is not much to do except use lightweight loads. Still then, the result might not be satisfactory. Another solution could be replacing parts with aftermarket pieces.

But you will have to be very careful not to disturb the equilibrium. Remember, this practice is not recommended.

2. Recoil Spring Issue

It has been demonstrated that a recoil spring that is too light might induce irregular lock-up, resulting in decreased accuracy. In this pistol, RIA employed a lightweight 20lbs spring, which resulted in lesser accuracy.

For any semi-auto to be accurate, the barrel must reliably lock up from shot to shot.

The Fix:

The fix for this problem is to replace the recoil spring. You could install stronger springs like a 23lbs spring if that fits your requirement. But, you will have to make sure it fits the system.

Here is a video on how to change the recoil spring at home.

3. Slide Won’t lock

This issue is caused by loose gas block screws, which reduce the bolt’s stroke. This is why some models frequently failed to lock back slides.

It might be a bolt stop issue since it should engage the back of the mag follower and keep the bolt from sliding forward, but it could also be jammed or rounded off.

The Fix:

The simplest method to avoid this issue is to test the pistol before purchasing it.

If you do encounter this issue, you have two options. Because this problem is caused by the gas block screw becoming short, replacing the screw as it wears out will remedy the problem. You also add a stronger buffer spring.

4. Sharp Edges

The thumb safety is quite sharp; it should be loosened and the edges softened or replaced. Furthermore, the majority of the edges on this rifle are so sharp that it is downright uncomfortable.

The Fix:

However, the sharp edges may be readily removed using a fine-grain stone, which can be obtained at any gunsmith supply store.

Simply drag the stone down each edge softly to break the razor edge, or repeat multiple times to add a bevel or radius to the edge.

The sliding serrations must be done with extreme caution since it is simple to cause collateral damage. The serration’s flat bottom must be blocked off, otherwise, the stone will leave scrape scratches on the flat surface.

5. Jamming

Jamming can be caused by a number of things. Because of the weapon’s poor manufacturing, components may stick or snag on one another.

Poor maintenance causes excessive accumulation, which can cause components to stick.

Cheap ammunition can speed up this process or even leave fragments behind that can become trapped in moving components and cause the weapon to bind.

The Fix:

Ammunition, magazines, and extractors are the most common reasons for firearm jams. Experiment with different combinations and alter them.

If this does not resolve the issue, it is most likely a design error, and you should contact the manufacturer.

6. Ejection Issue

Some empty shells will become stuck up in the ejection port, while others will not. On an empty mag, the slide would lock back and the case would be partially torn.

In this circumstance, it is possible that the fired case slips down and is pulled back into the magazine’s feed lips. The slide then advances and crushed the case against the barrel hood.

The Fix:

Trying changing the magazine, Wilson Combat 47NX is recommended. Send it to RIA for repair. The extractor probably needs to be replaced.

If you are experienced in assembling and disassembling handguns then you can do this at home. Here is how to replace an extraction.

User Feedback on Rock Island 10mm

It is impossible to please the customer-base with every single gun in a series.  RIA 10mm series has both upsides and downsides as described by the users on the different internet platforms.

As one user stated on 11911forum, the fiber optic sight at this price is a huge bonus. The site is very well built in terms of quality and usability. The overall fit of the gun is really impressive considering the bargain price of the gun.

He also stated that after squeezing the grip safety in a firm shooting grip, the grip safety sticks in the down position. Needless to mention it is a concern.

The ammo is more expensive, and less available as mentioned in this thread.  And that is without taking into account all the common problems.

Top 3 Alternative Guns of Rock Island 10mm series

Colt Delta Elite Rail Gun

This latest version has a rail behind the barrel for attaching gear, which is missing from the whole RIA 10mm series.

Glock 20

The Glock 20 has been around for many years, and it’s a nice handgun: accurate, durable, and lighter in weight than most RIA 10mm.

GLOCK G29 Gen4

As a defensive firearm in 10mm, it is one of the best solutions on the market. It’s also one of the more cheap pistols available in the caliber.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the Rock Island 10mm any good?

The 10mm Auto is an excellent match for the 1911 platform.

Are 10mm 1911s reliable?

Yes, because the 10mm cartridge was expressly intended to be the same length as a. 45, it feeds quite consistently in the 1911 envelope.

Where is a Rock Island 10mm made?

Armscor designs and manufactures them in Marikina, Philippines, and Armscor USA distributes them in the United States.

What is a Rock Island 1911 worth?

These handguns are typically priced between $400 and $500.

Who bought Rock Island Armory?

Rock Island Armory is an American-inspired moniker that Armscor purchased in the mid-1980s.

How long has Rock Island Armory been around?

When Fort Armstrong was erected in 1816, the Rock Island Arsenal was born.


The RIA 10mm is fairly priced, which is the best feature. In a word, when you consider the features and pricing, this is an excellent weapon. It’s still an excellent option for a low-cost home defense weapon, and the investment is well worth it.

The bulk of its issues are routine and can be remedied with minimal effort. These are common problems regardless of the firearm you pick. If you have some patience, this rifle might be a good place to start if you’re interested in it.

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