SIG P365 Holster with Light: Ultimate List

The SIG Sauer P365 is a Striker-fired subcompact pistol and one of the best concealed carry weapons that work well as a home or self-defense handgun. But how can you carry SIG p365 more effectively concealed?

You’ll need a holster that makes pistol carrying more efficient and comfortable, such as a SIG P365 holster with light and other extras like red dots or optic cut.

It is the most up-to-date solution which can:

  • survive varied climates,
  • suit different body types,
  • serve diverse functions
  • ensure enhanced protection.

Continue reading to learn the purpose or need, types, and everything else that you may need to know to choose the best holster for SIG p365 with light attachment_

SIG P365 Holster with Light
SIG P365 Holster with Light

What Does SIG P365 Holster with Light Mean?

A SIG P365 holster with light means it is a specific style of holster designed to fit the SIG Sauer P365 handguns that comes with a light attachment feature.

This attachment is commonly referred to as tactical light or laser and is used to illuminate the area where the gun holder aims, making it easier to aim and shoot in low-light conditions.

Why do you need a holster with light for your P365?

You will need a holster to protect the P365 pistol by keeping it from being accidentally discharged or damaged while being carried. But a holster with light may not be a mandatory choice for all.

That is necessary for those who have a light attached to their SIG p365 guns. It keeps the weapon securely holstered while stored in a safe location. Also, it makes re-holstering easy.

What light will fit a SIG P365?

Here are some popular options that you can consider for your SIG p365 gun:

  1. Streamlight Tlr-6 100 Lumen Pistol Mount Flashlight
  2. Olight Pl-mini 2 Valkyrie 600 Lumens Led Flashlight
  3. Streamlight Tlr-7 500 Lumens Tactical Light
  4. Crimson Trace Lightguard with Ambidextrous Controls

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What Types of Holsters Are Available for SIG P365 Handguns with Lights?

Here are the main two kinds of Holsters that are compatible with SIG Sauer P365 with light attachment:

1. Inside The Waistband (IWB) Holster with Light:

These holsters are designed to wear inside the waistband of the pants and have a mechanism to attach a light to the holster. These are also known as Appendix carrying holsters.

They are intended to protect not just the pistol but also the flashlight, LED light, or laser that is attached to the gun.

The SIG P365 IWB holster with light is the perfect choice for those who need a better target visibility option on their weapon and wish to carry their pistol while wearing well-fitted clothing.

2. Outside The Waistband (OWB) Holster with Light:

These holsters are designed to wear outside the waistband of pants and have a mechanism to attach a tactical or flashlight to it.

They are perfect for open carry as well as hidden carry when wearing a jacket or loose clothing.

These holsters also occupy just like the IWB holsters and provide quick access to a handgun.

It’s just the user’s comfort and preference that differ on whether they should go with the IWB holsters or the OWB holsters.

Best SIG P365 IWB Holster with Light:

Here are the three best Inside the waistband (IWB) holsters with light attachments for SIG P365:

  1. WARRIORLAND IWB Kydex Holsters with TLR-6L: Perfect custom fit for the SIG Sauer P365, P365 SAS, and P365XL TLR-6 with Full Coverage Trigger. Features Posi-Click Audible Retention Lock System, Adjustable Cant, and Retention Pressure. Lifetime warranty with 24/7 service. Only fits the Streamlight TLR-6.
  2. CWC Holsters Fits P365 With TLR6 Light RMR Cut IWB: Great for personal security, range days, and daily covert carry. A tight belt clip enhances handgun safety. Features right- and left-handed grips, adjustable ride height, and tactical response. Customized with a threaded barrel and compensator cuts. Made in the United States with a lifetime warranty.
  3. Tulster IWB Profile SIG P365 W/TLR-6: A 1.5-inch Quick Clip is included for quick and easy firearm holstering and removal. Undercut trigger guard for a full grip and reloading. Features an adjustable cant angle from 0-30 degrees with an oblong forward hole to achieve maximum comfort. A full sweat shield for quick re-holstering and a positive retention point.

Best SIG P365 OWB Holster with Light:

Here are the three best Outside the Waistband (OWB) holsters with light attachments for SIG P365:

  1. Neptune Concealment OWB For Sig P365 W/ TLR6: This Veterans handmade kydex outside the waistband (OWB) holster for the P365 w/ Streamlight TLR-6 comes with a paddle clip but no mag pouch incorporated in the main package. Additional customization choices are available. Can also order complete customized holsters.
  2. CYTAC OWB Holster For Sig Sauer P365 W Lima365 Laser Sight/Foxtrot365 Light: Compatible with SIG p365 lima365 laser sight and SIG p365 foxtrot365 light. The bottom lip prevents a longer barrel from sticking out. Designed with Upgraded military polymer material. Level 2 Retention ensures higher safety. Ideal for daily use under the coat. Have exceptional temperature tolerance.
  3. MIE Productions OWB Holster Fits Sig P365 w/TLR-6: This hand-made OWB holster features a Red Dot Sight (RDS) or an optic. Designed for the Sig P365 and P365X with the Streamlight TLR-6, it provides comfort, confidence, and concealment. Allows for taller sights to be seen. Its tight bottom keeps lint and other foreign items out.

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How To Choose The Right Holster for Your SIG P365 Pistol?

There are several great holster options in the market to choose between, but you need to consider the following factors to sort out your options:

Where do you want to carry your P365 pistol?

Evaluate how you prefer to carry your handgun; it can be concealed within or outside your waistline. Or would you rather have it in your pocket?

Some even prefer wearing pistols around their ankles or shoulders. So, determine your most comfortable zone and choose the appropriate holster options.

What are your intentions with the gun?

Handguns and pistols serve various purposes. Some use it for their safety, while others use it as their duty weapon. Some may have to carry it daily, while others may do that occasionally.

Daily carriers prefer lighter, more comfortable holsters, while occasional users may opt for less durable, fancy options.

Some people buy weapons as a hobby; thus, they may not be particular about holsters and may simply go for the most recent possibilities. 

Which type of holster material do you prefer?

Holsters are made from various materials, including polymers, Kydex, leather, or mixed materials. So, you can sort the options based on your preferred material.

Do you have a favorite manufacturing brand?

Sort your option based on your bias manufacturer, such as Werkz, Dara Holsters, or Alien Gear if you have one.

What other features do you want in your P365 holster?

If your pistol comes with additional features or attachments such as stremelight, LED, flashlight, laser, RDS, optic cut ready, or others, a normal SIG P365 holster will not fit your gun.

You will need a holster that is compatible with the extra attachment that your pistol has.

Lastly, consider whether you have a budget constraint or if you can afford the more expensive options.


Can you mount a light on a SIG P365?

Yes. With the help of the aftermarket rail adapters, you can put a light on your SIG p365.

Does the TLR-6 fit P365?

Yes, The TLR-6 fits the SIG Sauer P365 and P365XL subcompact pistols.

Is SIG P365 optic ready?

Yes, the current SIG p365 guns are optic-ready.

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